Kite surfing holidays

When the snow begins to fly in your neck of the woods, it is time to think about escaping to a warmer climate! To become inspired, browse our comprehensive website for thousands of ideas on how to create memorable kite surfing holidays.

This is our specialty so please allow us to help you sort through the wealth of information that is available. Your time away from work is precious so make the most of it!

As a kitesurfer, one of the most fun aspects of the sport is being able to travel and kite in new areas. No matter how great your local spot is – it’s nice to experiment. Travel is a great experience, but being able to kitesurf while traveling, is incredible!

The sport greatly enhances your vacation experience. Visiting museums, gardens and eating out becomes mundane after a while. With a kitesurf holiday you are in for a radical adventure!

The Caribbean is one the hotspots to visit for kite surfing holidays during the North American wintertime. Between the months of November and May, the trade winds blow constantly and the clear water is sure to tantalize. Some of the great areas to visit are Aruba, St. Martin, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia and Barbados. Those are some of the better-known areas. If you’re looking to really get away from it all, you can try the lovely twin-island federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Barbuda is another off-the-map gem destination for epic kite surfing holidays.

You may be looking for all-inclusive kite surfing holidays. Maybe you’d like to be collected from you home in a limo, shuttled off to the airport for a first class flight to Aruba?

While there, maybe you’d like to hire someone to inflate your kite and spa treatment following each session? That sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, not all of us will be able to front the large bill that would be associated with this style of kite surfing holidays.

If you don’t make a million annually, you may be after a hostel or camping type of kite surfing holidays? With the competitive European airline market, it is possible to plan and execute this kind of holiday for an unbelievably low price. No matter what you budget, time frame or availability, we’ll help you design a perfect getaway. Browse our website for ideas on destinations and then allow us to work with you!

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