Kitesurf tours

One of the most appealing aspects of the great sport of kitesurfing is the ability to travel with it. Most countries in the world offer some sort of option to kitesurf since it only requires a little bit of breeze and a body of water. If you’re a seasoned rider, you probably centre your holidays on being able to kitesurf at your selected destination.

When choosing a place for kitesurf tours, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered to ensure that you don’t get skunked by a lack of wind. Each destination will probably have a peak wind season and then a lesser-desired shoulder/ off-season. Take a look further around our site to pull together some valuable information before your next kitesurfing holiday.

If you’re heading to Aruba for kitesurf tours, you may ask some of the following questions: Will I need any sort of wetsuit for the wind chill? Are there instructors available for my spouse and kids? What size kites should I bring along? Am I coming during the windy season or the off-season? Are there other kiters that I will be able to ride with? Are there any local rules that I should be made aware of?

When you arrive in Spain for your holiday, you may want to make friends with a local rider that can offer you a tour of the area. They’ll be able to show you the hot spots and the potential dangers: It’s a good idea to know the ropes for the local area because there may be some local courtesy rules that are in place to protect local access.

If you’re heading to northern Brazil, use our site to choose the best locations for you. There are remote lagoons and spots that you won’t find by trial and error. Maybe you want to escape the crowds in Cumbuco and find your own piece of heaven? Don’t waste your valuable time roaming the countryside looking for something that you may never find on your own.

We’ve years of expertise in booking kitesurf tours and holidays all over the globe – make the most of it!

This year, spend some time researching and plan kitesurf tours of your dreams! A little big of legwork spent online beforehand can make or break the trip.

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