Kitesurfing destinations

The world is an amazing and diverse planet! Icebergs, volcanoes, plains, mountains and the list goes on. We’re blessed with an incredible playground! If you’re on the hunt for kitesurfing destinations for your upcoming vacation – you’re in for a challenge. Iceland? Spain? Australia? Aruba? Egypt? Canada? So many decisions, so few vacation days! These days, kitesurfing destinations are everywhere!

If you happen to be lucky enough to be living somewhere tropical such as Maui, you may be looking for coldwater kitesurfing destinations. The east coast of Canada and the province of Nova Scotia offers exceptional kitesurfing opportunities. There are great wave spots and more flat water than you can possibly handle! The water is tolerable in the Autumn at a temperature of 17 C (22F). You may find cool water refreshing after spending too much time somewhere warm.

Chances are your local beach is not clear blue water with a fringing reef. If this applies to you, you’re probably seeking warm and tropical kitesurfing destinations. The Caribbean region offers consistent trade winds between the months of November and May. You’re almost sure to score here if you travel during this time period. When the trade winds are working, the trees will be shaking night and day!

New Zealand and Australia are two great options for adventure-seeking kitesurfers. Just be aware that once you get used to taking luxury kitesurfing holidays and get into the lifestyle, it becomes difficult to return to a normal life and regular family holidays!

There are literally thousands of potential kitesurfing destinations in this incredible world of ours! Have a browse around our website and make a short list of potential destinations that appeal to you.

Get in contact with us and we’ll help you design a kitesurfing trip that will ignite your senses! We know kiteboarding and we know travel! From Maui to Iceland, we’re here with expert advice.

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