Kitesurfing holidays Egypt

Egypt is an ancient wonder of the world. This country has about much history as it does wind! Easy to reach from Europe, Egypt is one of the choice destinations for a growing number of kitesurfers. Ryan Air and Easy Jet are among the economical airlines that will take you directly from your home country and drop you into this beautiful desert kitesurfing oasis.

Compared to other kitesurfing holiday destinations, Egypt is affordable. There are luxury options available for the higher end taste. But if you’re like most of us – value is your primary concern. Rest assured, your hard earned cash will go far during kitesurfing holidays in Egypt.

Obviously, one of the main things to consider when planning a kitesurfing trip is the reliability of the wind. Egypt has a long and consistent windy season. Nine months of the year between March and November, Egypt is blessed with hot and dry weather. The water’s visibility can be amazing! You’ll find yourself becoming distracted by marine life underneath your board, as you glide across the surface.

Egypt is far more than a one-trick pony. It has a multitude of high quality riding areas. During your kitesurfing holidays in Egypt, be sure to check out: El Gouna, Ras Sudr, Soma Bay and Sharm El Sheikh.

Be sure to pick up a quality waterproof camera such as a Go Pro before your next kitesurfing holidays in Egypt. With a place this beautiful, you’re going to want to take the memories home with you. A few months after you’ve returned home from your kitesurf holiday pull out your Egypt pictures and relive the magic of this place.

This is also a great way to snap a few pictures to send back to you colleagues who are working overtime to pick up your slack while on vacation. They’ll love you for it. Watching yourself on the camera is also a great way to improve your riding style and technique.

While you’re in Egypt, take some time to immerse yourself in the strong culture. Visit some of the mystical pyramids, the many museums and head into Cairo for some incredible nightlife. Don’t expect to return home very early.

With all of the great choices of kitesurfing destinations out there, you will not be disappointed with Egypt. Each year, more and more kiters are sojourning here and returning home to tell of its beauty and strong breeze. Kitesurfing holidays in Egypt is a top-notch option for your next getaway.

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