Kitesurfing Holidays Europe

Europe is one of the most diverse continents in the world. It is jam-packed with diverse cultures and languages. It’s possible to drive a matter of hours and cross dozens of international borders and experience a wealth of languages. In Canada and the United States, it is considered impressive if one speaks two languages. This feat is less than impressive in the vast majority of the European continent.

As with the variety of culture, comes the variety of kitesurfing options. Europe has world-class flat water riding areas and is home to some of the largest breaking waves in the world. So whatever your palette yearns for can be found here: of all the kitesurfing holidays Europe has on offer, there’s sure to be something to please all skill levels.

One of the hotspots to visit is the south coast of Spain and Tarifa. On a busy day, you will be in disbelief of the number of kites flying in the sky. There are undoubtedly more kiters in Tarifa than some small countries around the world! If you plan to ride here, make sure that claustrophobia does not ruin your day. However, there is more to kitesurfing holidays in Europe than crowded Tarfia.

Escape to the rugged coast of Ireland to enjoy some of the most tranquil scenery in the world. You may not see the sun for days, but you’re bound to see a fair share of wind! Here, you are free to explore endless beaches and dynamic coastline. After a few solo sessions here, you’ll be happy to chat to another kiter!

Another great option for the kitesurfing holidays in Europe is the southern region of Italy known as Sicily. If you’ve been to Rome, you have not been to the real Italy. This place is something completely unique to the progressive areas of Italy. Sicily is a throwback of old Italy and maintains its unique culture. What the people lack in financial prosperity, they make up for with charm. Here, quality of life prevails over stress.

Europe is renowned for its efficient train and rail network. Some kiters choose a unique style of kitesurf holiday, one that is powered by public transportation. It is possible to purchase an unlimited ride pass that will give you the ultimate freedom to come and go as you please. Now, building your schedule around the wind is even more possible. Stay put while it’s blowing and travel while it’s calm. Search our site for kitesurfing holidays in Europe and you’ll open up a myriad of travel and sporting possibilities!

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