Kitesurfing lessons

Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world! It has even made an impression on the mainstream media: Kitesurfing clips are now being used on clothing, commercials, video clips and even tourist advertising.

As the sport grows, more and more people are sure to become interested in learning this exciting sport. In recent years, safety and technological improvements to the gear has made the sport even more accessible and easy to learn. No longer does one have to be an extreme daredevil to take part – and the way in is to take kitesurfing lessons.

Take a look around our site, you’ll see there are plenty of kitesurfing lessons. Or, ask a rider down at the beach where you’re able to learn. Most kiters are very friendly and are keen to expand the number of participants.

One of the main governing bodies to certify instructors is called the IKO – International Kiteboarding Organization. Most of the instructors that bear this credential have undergone a solid training program. That being said, just because someone doesn’t have the IKO credential, doesn’t mean that they won’t offer quality kitesurfing lessons.

Even though kitesurfing gear has recently undergone a lot of safety improvements, it is still a wise idea to seek kitesurfing lessons; there are certain concepts that can’t be properly learned by watching videos.

On kitesurfing holidays it is always well worth the cost of a few lessons when it comes to your own safety. Not to mention, you can beat up the school gear while you learn, instead of destroying your own equipment!

Another great benefit of taking kitesurfing lessons is that you will learn to ride much more quickly than learning on your own. Don’t spend weeks learning something that can be taught to you in a few hours.

Don’t believe me? Ask some other riders at the beach if they recommend taking lessons? Also, a friend may offer to help you learn but they aren’t going to give you enough support to become an independent rider. That is a serious commitment.

If you do seek out kitesurfing lessons from a school or independent instructor, ask about their student to teacher ratio. For the introductory lesson, it is fine to have about four students and one instructor. Once you are flying a full-sized power kite and learning to body drag and eventually water start, insist that there are no more than two students per instructor. Any more than that and you won’t get enough personal attention. Kitesurfing lessons are technical and require a lot of focus from the instructor so lessons are less effective if there are too many students in each lesson.

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