Kitesurfing schools

Kitesurfing schools are those places that pros and really good riders hang out, yeah? This is a question that many uninitiated riders may ask.

If you’re of a relatively good standard then kitesurfing schools could also be off-putting for enthusiasts who don’t want to appear less than they are. And yet, kitesurfing schools are great places to hang around…


If you’ve never had lessons or been in a place that features a kiting focal point, such as kitesurfing school, then it’s definitely something worthy of consideration.

Kitesurfing schools by their very description are places where learning is actively encouraged. If you’re looking to stomp that elusive move or just send it higher, longer and more tweaked than you’ve ever done before then you’ll find the right advice on hand at a kitesurfing school.

Instructors and coaches of all levels will be on hand to steer you in the right direction and make sure you achieve all you can.

Not just for the elite

Kitesurfing schools are not just domains for the elite rider. Beginners and intermediates are also well catered for.

Whether you’re a kiter who is taking his or her initial steps, or if you’re a kitesurfer who is looking at boosting some air for the first time, coaching and instructors will help you on the road to success.

Not just a school

Kitesurfing schools are not just places to get taught a new skill. In many cases they’re social environments where riders from all walks of life can talk story, sink a few après beers and discuss everything and anything kitesurfing related.

Some kitesurfing schools also lay on evening entertainments such as lively BBQs, DJs and bands. Kitesurfing is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle, and schools are a way to totally immerse yourself in this way of living.

Time to head off

If you’re looking at where to head for your annual kitesurfing holidays then it’s always a good idea to head somewhere that boasts a well-regarded kitesurfing school. Even if you don’t plan on making use of the coaching expertise that you’ll find, simply having a hub will make for a better and more enjoyable holiday.

Riding on your lonesome is fine, but having the opportunity to share your experiences is better.
Planet Kitesurf features only the best kitesurfing schools around the world so take a look at what we offer – we are sure you’ll find something of interest…

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