Learn to kitesurf

Why learn to kitesurf? Why not! It’s fun, adrenaline fuelled, not as dangerous as you might initially perceive and is a way to get outdoors and enjoy a fun and active lifestyle.

If you’re still umming and ahhing about learning to kitesurf then now’s the time to take the plunge and hook yourself up with some lessons.

Safe, fun and relatively easy

Kitesurfing is a relatively easy sport to learn. Obviously you need the correct gear, coaching and environment, but you’ll be up and riding in a matter of hours – the learning curve is that steep.
Flying over azure coloured water, occasionally busting some hang time, or simply cruising – learning to kitesurf has never been easier and more achievable.

Home or away

You may learn to kitesurf at home, however the best course of action, and the quickest, is to book a kitesurfing holiday, head overseas and immerse yourself in an environment that’s 100% dedicated to getting you up to speed and ripping.

There are plenty of global spots on offer for learning how to kitesurf and destinations to suit all budgets – from low to high.

Do a quick search through Planet Kitesurf’s extensive catalogue and you’ll definitely find your kitesurfing nirvana.


Learning to kitesurf will be made all the more easy if you book yourself some coaching during your kiting trip. It’s not recommended to try and master the basics on without expert supervision.

Kitesurf instructors possess the skills, knowledge and tips to get you blasting back and forth in just a few short hours. With a proven method and course progression, you’ll be ‘beginner to winner’ in the blink of an eye.

The best locations

Learning to kitesurf abroad is possibly one of the best choices you’ll ever make on your road to kitesurf rock stardom. Resorts are chosen based on the prevailing weather conditions you’ll encounter and with a consistency that you don’t usually find at home (unless you happen to live in one of these spots!) your progression will be almost guaranteed.

Planet Kitesurf offer the best of these locations which will ensure you’re ripping it up in no time.

Get gone!

If you’re still tiptoeing around learning to kitesurf then now’s the time to step up and get gone. Why put off something that will no doubt change your life for the better?

With kitesurfing having never been easier to learn, the cherry is there for the plucking. Choose your spot, enrol on a kitesurfing course, pack your bags and go!

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