Learning to kitesurf

These days, it is possible to learn many skills online. YouTube has a plethora of how-to videos and some excellent tips on how to do anything, from preparing one’s own taxes to building a house!

For the most part, looking things up online is a great idea. However, there are some skills that can’t quite be absorbed by simply watching videos. Take learning to kitesurf for example. You may be able to learn many of the concepts via video, but there is no substitute for flying the kite in a supervised lesson.

These days, kitesurfing is very accessible to almost anyone wanting to learn. However, learning to kitesurf is not completely without danger. Taking a lesson will greatly reduce this small risk – almost ensuring that you will learn the sport safely. It is not worth saving a small amount of money and thus risking your own safety.

If you’re on the hunt for lessons, do a Google search to locate your nearest IKO – International Kiteboarding Organization instructor. This is the worldwide governing body that certifies teachers of the sport. If you find someone with the affiliation, they’re gone through a solid training program. It is still possible to have a great lesson from a non-certified instructor though! Choosing an instructor is obviously an important step in learning to kitesurf.

Most new students on a kitesurf holiday want to get riding as quickly as possible. They’re often disappointed to find out that the first lesson of two or three hours often does not even take place in the water at all.

However, it is crucial that a student develop proper kite flying technique before they can expect to be successful in the water. Learning to kitesurf cannot be a race. Take your time and be sure to learn properly. The wind will blow again another day – we promise!

Most students will require between eight and ten hours of closely monitored instruction before arriving at a safe level to practice independently. Most schools / instructors break the lessons up into increments of two or three hours. At that point, most students become mentally and physically fatigued.

Learning to kitesurf is a challenge and can be demanding on the body and mind. As challenging as it is – the fun factor is certainly greater! Don’t wait another season – track down an instructor this week and get started.

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