Luxury kitesurf holidays

It seems like vacation time is far too short! Shouldn’t we work six months and then have six months to enjoy our hard earned money? Amongst the kitesurfing crowd, a newer style of travel is emerging known as luxury kitesurf holidays. This type of travel is for those who desire a top-notch experience that caters to all of your needs. You work hard all year long so you’re certainly deserving of a first-class trip!

Most luxury kitesurf holidays are located in warmer tropical climates such as the Caribbean or the Greek Islands. There are a small percentage of kitesurfers that would prefer a cold-water destination but most come from the cold and are seeking a tropical vacation. Palm trees and coconuts are far more appealing to most, than icebergs and igloos.

A growing number of luxury kitesurf holidays are making use of chartered yachts and other sailing vessels such as catamarans. A trip aboard such a vessel is sure to leave a lasting impression on your memory.

Board a beautiful ship that will drop you off at great kitesurfing spots. Some of the access that these vessels offer will ensure that you are riding a spot that no one has touched before. You can discover some remote areas of the Caribbean in this manner.

After an exhilarating day riding in clear water, return to your quarters for a warm shower and then be pampered by a personal chef. Watch the sun set as you sip on a glass of wine and exaggerate stories of how high you jumped during the day’s session.

It is possible to book a single space aboard a ship in the Mediterranean or to hire out an entire vessel for a group of friends. Some kitesurf holiday companies offer pre-determined routes while others allow you to customize the itinerary depending on your style of riding and ability. Many beginner kiters are interested in luxury kitesurf holiday, and it is even possible to hire an instructor to accompany you for the journey. A personal coach may be just what you need to push your progression to the next level.

Another style of luxury holiday is staying on land and booking in at a fancy resort. You may want to head to Soma Bay in Egypt to ride the windy blue desert seas. In that case, you can reserve a hotel that will ensure that you have a high-end experience.

The hardest that you will work each day is to inflate your kite before going for a ride. The food, the pool, the spa and the massages are waiting for you. This is how many choose to spend their luxury kitesurf holidays.

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