Luxury kitesurfing holidays

It’s all very well swanning off to some far flung corner of the globe where the kitesurfing conditions are immense and you’re almost guaranteed a period of epic ripping. Sometimes though, all we want is to be pampered.

Of course, the option of getting some riding in is also important, but after a hard few months driving the desk, a luxury kitesurfing holiday could be just what the doctor ordered.

Why luxury?

Luxury kitesurfing holidays offer much more than just kitesurfing – it’s more about the whole package rather than just the on water experience.

Reclining in a comfy hammock, surrounded by lush flora and fauna, silver service on tap, exquisite food just a mouth-watering moment away and accommodation featuring the softest of duvets and the most comfortable of beds – sometimes pampering is all that’s needed!

But don’t forget the kiting

The added bonus of heading off on a luxury kitesurfing holiday is that resorts such as these are usually positioned in amazing sports for indulging in your sport.

After all, this IS a kitesurfing holiday, and therefore will serve up some impressive kiting conditions. If you want flat water or waves, then you’ll be able to find a luxury kitesurfing holiday that will suit you.

Added extras

Spa treatment and massage therapies may not be for everyone. Those of a butch nature may pooh pooh such extravagance. However, if you happen to have a non-kitesurfing partner, then this added service could be right up their street.

And at the end of the day, after a hard session of throwing it down, what could be better than a massage to rid yourself of all those aches and pains – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

The kiting

It stands to reason that any type of kitesurfing set up will be in a stunning and breezy location. After all, the on shore side of things is important but ultimately the majority will be there to ride, even if only every now and again.

Luxury kitesurfing holiday resorts will boast impressive wind stats and perfect on water conditions – ideal for improving.

Some set ups will feature waves, some may be totally flat skate parks; others will be a mixture. Whatever type of riding you’re searching for, there will be no doubt a luxury kitesurfing holiday set up that will tick all your boxes.


Luxury kitesurfing holidays may break the budget but after ripping it up in paradise both your body and mind will thank you for it.

Getting back to the mundane, your recharged batteries will set you up for the long months ahead until your next holiday. And planning that should be your next port of call!

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