Tarifa kitesurfing

If you’ve been kitesurfing for more than a few hours, chances are that you’ve heard about a place called Tarifa? This kitesurfing Mecca is located on the south coast of Spain. This is traditionally one of the first kitesurfing destinations for most European riders. During the summer, the wind cranks here! It is not common for the breeze to hit thirty-five knots or more. Amazingly, this isn’t storm wind – but usually accompanies blue skies and sunshine.

Tarifa kitesurfing is a social experience. On a good day here, there will be hundreds and hundreds of kites painting the sky. The crowds here dwarf those of Kite Beach in the Dominican Republic. Just remember to not stress out with the abundance of kites. Embrace the crowds and enjoy being amongst two hundred of your best friends for a day. Sharing is caring. Remember, you’re also one of the crowd.

If you take a kitesurfing holiday during the summer months of June through August, you’re probably not going to get skunked! The only thing that might prevent you from getting your Tarifa kitesurfing session is too much wind. If you’re worried about this, get out for the early session before you need a five-meter kite.

Bring your camera down to the beach here and snap of a few pictures of the crowds. Show your buddies back home and they’ll be blown away. One of the fringe attractions of Tarifa kitesurfing is the insane nightlife. If you’re into the club scene, you’ll be happy here. Dance the night away and watch the sunrise after a wild night in Tarifa! Needless to say, this is a hotspot for young kiters.

If you’re looking to include your family in your Tarifa kitesurfing vacation, there is something to meet your needs also. Tarifa is far more than young people getting rowdy. There are plenty of other attractions that will please your spouse and children while you’re riding.

Tarifa kitesurfing is so famous that it is almost a right of passage for European kiters. If you’ve never been – you should strongly consider heading down. This may not be your top choice for an annual big trip. But it’s worth considering for an easy-to-reach destination that will not break the bank.

Grab a flight down on one of Europe’s discount airlines, stay in a hostel and all of a sudden this trip becomes economical. Tarifa is a classic spot and should be a part of every kiters lifetime pilgrimage.

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