Top 10 luxury kitesurf holidays

Luxury kitesurf holidays are for those of a less budget constrained mentality and offer riders the opportunity to rip it up on the water by day, but immerse themselves in a pampered lifestyle for the rest of the time.

If you’re looking at booking a luxury kitesurf holiday then here are 10 of the best.


Ok this is technically two destinations in one, but both Antigua and Barbados easily make it into our top 10 luxury kitesurf holidays.

Antigua is the flatter location with perfect freeride and freestyle conditions while Barbados serves up more wave action, although it’s still possible to find freestyle arenas on the island.


Maui hardly needs any introduction. The Mecca of windsurfing and attractive Polynesian island for kitesurfing, this Pacific Ocean located ‘rock’ would make for a fantastic choice of luxury kitesurfing holidays.

Brilliant kiting, great restaurants, fabulous accommodation options and a vibrant and interesting culture – Maui really should be on your bucket list.


The Indonesian island of Bali is synonymous with surfing and the wave pedigree of the location is revered as offering some of the most perfect surf in the world.

Bali is also pretty good for a luxury kitesurf holiday and delivers awesome kitesurfing conditions at certain times of the year.


Egypt has long been the stomping ground of many a wind head and with a plethora of resorts to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing your next Egyptian kitesurfing holiday.

Predominantly offering freestyle and freeride conditions, Egypt still has a low cost of living which means you can push the luxury end of your kitesurfing holiday as much as you dare.


If you are a fan of fine foods, amazing wines and culture then there’s one of our top 10 luxury kitesurf holidays in Europe that’s got your name on it.

Porto Pollo (Sardinia) boasts fantastic kitesurfing conditions all set to a sublime Italian backdrop. Mama Miai! Italy goes off…

Cape Verde

If you’re searching for something slightly different then Cape Verde is still an under visited luxury kitesurf holiday destination.

The island of Sal has some amazing wave riding on offer while Santa Maria boasts perfect flat water conditions.


Cyprus is a mellow little Mediterranean island that has fantastic freeride kitesurfing potential. A beautiful part of the world, Cyprus is a great spot to totally unwind and relax with a bit of kite action thrown in for good measure.

South Africa

If screaming winds and fabulous waves are your thing then a kitesurf trip to South Africa would be a good shout.

For those needing respite from the waves, Langebaan reservoir is also on offer. Perfect for a winter getaway.


Many people dream of going on safari, and with the addition of Kenya to our top 10 luxury kitesurf holidays you can combine your dream holiday with your other hobby.

Kiting in Kenya is a totally unique experience and every rider should visit at least once.


If you’re after a bit of cultural colour then check out the kitesurfing potential you’ll find on offer in Brazil.
The land of Samba is perfect for a luxurious trip and will give you memories that will last forever.

These are just some of the luxury kitesurf destinations on offer from Planet Kitesurf. Check out the destination list for more.

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