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Kiteboard Bonaire In Bonaire

Kiteboard Bonaire In Bonaire


Kiteboarding Bonaire is committed to provide top-quality, safe, and personalized kiteboarding instruction using specially designed kites and boards for fast learning.
Located on the on south-west side of Bonaire, you benefit from the steady tradewinds and calm and crystal clear waters to teach you the ins and outs of kiteboarding. As a student, you will be accompanied by your instructor by boat. This way your instructor is always close to you, allowing him to see every move you make, and give tips according to your needs. All you have to do is focus on your kiteboarding! Fast learning is guaranteed the main instructor and founder of Kiteboarding Bonaire has over 14 years of kiteboarding experience and over 10 years of kiteboard-teaching experience.
Certified by the IKO, the team of instructors will ensure a fun and safe lesson, in which becoming an independent kiteboarder is the main goal.
Thanks to the steady trade winds, lessons can be given almost every day of the year. Lessons are mostly from 10.00 until 13.00 or from 14.00 until 17.00. Of course we can adapt these times to your convenience.

Pre Booked Sports Services


  • 9 Hours Kitesurfing Semi-Private IKO Beginner Course (MAX 2 STUDENTS)
  • 3 Hours Private Kitesurf Lesson
  • 1 hour advanced Kitesurfing classes lessons

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