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Rodrigues + Mauritius Island Hopping Tour

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Itinerary Overview

Days 1-6 - Island of Rodrigues

Day 7 - Le Morne

Day 14 - Back in UK

Price Includes

  • Flights
  • Meals
  • Transfers
  • Airport Taxes

Based On

Minimum 2 passengers (or single supplement will apply) assuming flights from the UK. other European or worldwide departure airports available on request.

Guide price per person:


/ excl. sports

Days 1-6 - Island of Rodrigues

Accommodation: 3* Rodriquez Kite Bungalows Half Board

Fly overnight from Heathrow to Mauritius where there will be a connecting flight to the stunning windy Island of Rodrigues.The hotel is in the perfect location, as it is by the beach and where our Kitesurf school in Rodrigues is based. Rodrigues is an incredible place, with culture, character and friendly locals, but above all it is regularly described as the fastest place on the planet for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Here you will find miles of butter flat shallow water, along with the option for trips to some awesome waves further out.

Day 7 - Le Morne

Accommodation: 5* Lux Le Morne Half Board

After 6 windy days on the water, fly from Rodrigues to Mauritius. In Le Morne you are spoilt with choice, from butter flat lagoons to incredible waves. Le Morne is home to some world class breaks such as 'One Eye'. Along with the awesome kitesurfing, windsurfing, and surfing conditions, Le Morne offers lots of off the water activities, such as trekking Brabant Le Morne, and visiting the market in Quatre Borne.

Day 14 - Back in UK

On your last day a private transfer will pick you up from the luxurious Lux hotel in Le Morne, and drive you to the airport. Here your plane will be awaiting to fly you overnight back to the UK.


5* LUX LE MORNEfrom £1650

Re-branded under the LUX hotel name, this superb property is a real paradise on earth; the highest demands will be satisfied in this sophisticated and magnificent 5 star resort that is located in a beautiful and relaxing setting. Our windsurf and Kitesurf center is only a 15 minutes walk along the beach from this resort that is based at th...


This charming new property offers a unique set of sea view bungalow accommodation, in a rustic beach style, not to be found anywhere else on the island. Opened in September 2012 the property has just 8 new white washed bungalows with stunning sea views. There are 2 larger beach front bungalows with 2 bedrooms for families or just to have the indu...

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Accommodation: 5* Lux Le Morne Full Board

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