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Our "Boracay Dive and Surf Tour" is the first multisport-land based tour offered in the Philippines, giving clients an opportunity to enjoy all of Boracay's possibilities. Boracay and neighbouring islands with more than 30 dive sites in the surroundings, including beautiful coral reefs, sheer walls and wrecks offers something for every diver. The bottom composition of Boracay at any depth is fine white sand, which reflects sunlight and makes surroundings very bright during dives. In terms of marine life, the Philippines are considered a biodiversity hotspot. Boracay has gained a solid reputation for macro photography because of the abundance of small critters such as pipefish, gobies, and nudibranchs, as well as the usual colorful reef fishes like damsels, angelfish, wrasses, squirrelfish and cardinals. Parrotfish, emperors, triggerfish and groupers generally reside in 15 to 20 meter deep water, while pelagics like sharks, tunas, trevallies and rays are commonly sighted in the deeper dive sites like Yapak and Camia. Coral growth is very healthy and spectacular in areas with steady current, such as Crocodile and Laurel. Boracay is also a perfect winter getaway for those looking for an idyllic beautiful location for their windsurfing or kitesurfing holiday, with the windy season that runs from November to April. Boracay has two main beaches, located on opposite sides of the island's narrow central area and within 15 minutes walk apart. Voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world, White Beach faces westward. On the opposite side, windward facing, Bulabog Beach is the island's main windsurfing and kiteboarding area. The island also offers several other, more secluded beaches, shallow waist depth water, crystal clear warm water, sunshine, regular wind, nearby facilities, accommodation choices and a nearby airport. The combination of all these possibilities allows couples or groups interested in multisport vacations to enjoy their favourite watersports in a really enchanting and friendly island.

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