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Kitesurf Ambassadors

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a Planet Ambassador?! As the UK’s leading kitesurf travel specialists we’re always on the look our for people that share our passion for kitesurfing. Like you we’ve been in the industry for quite a while and are proud to be the absolute authority on kitesurf holidays and destinations worldwide. We’re really interested in joining forces with like-minded individuals who have an interesting story to tell. If you are interested in becoming a Planet Kitesurf Ambassador take a look at our presentation for more details and contact us to Sign Up.

Ninja Bichler Pro Wave Kitesurfer

Ninja more or less grew up with (and sometimes even at) Club ION and knows it like the palm of her hand – including all destinations and Head Office, too. Hardly had Ninja finished school than she left for overseas, where she worked at various Club ION centres, including Dahab and Cape Verde.   Nini's favourite sports are those that have to do with water.…

Kirsty Jones World Champion & Water Women

Welsh Born Water women Kirsty Jones from the Carmarthenshire countryside was drawn to the sea as soon as she could walk. Kirsty started sailing dinghies with her Dad from the age of three whilst on holiday on the Pembrokeshire coast and then at the age of 16 she discovered windsurfing and surfing and became hooked on the energy of the wind and waves.…

Marc Ramseier Pro Kitesurf Coach

Marc Ramseier started to kitesurf in 1998, turned professional two years later and has ever since dedicated his life to Kitesurfing. After numerous years on the freestyle tour, Marc has since then been devoting his focus on riding waves and to push that side of the sport. Originally from Switzerland, Marc has been spending most of his time abroad getting familiar with surf breaks all around the world.…

Jo Wilson Pro Kitesurf Coach
+44 (0)7919 276 405

Jo has been kitesurfing since 2001 when kitesurfing really took off in the UK. She came from a background of gymnastics and trampolining so although it took Jo a while to pick up the wind side of the sport it wasn’t too long before she was learning tricks amongst the top kitesurfers in the world. In 2003 Jo picked up her first sponsorship deal with Cabrinha and but it wasn’t until 2006 when Naish and Protest Boardwear took Jo on to their international team giving her a high level of sponsorship to take on kitesurfing as her full time career.…