16th June – 23rd June 2014. Flight inclusive holiday around £1050 per person.
Who For - This clinic are designed for 'improvers'. that means anyone who has covered the basic instruction course and needs intensive instruction to improve the basic skill of riding upwind, edging, turns and small jumps.
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation at the 4* Breakers Hotel with half board
  • Jo Wilson coaching
  • Storage and Rescue Facilities

NOT included:

  • Kitesurf rental, please add £290 
Soma Bay is a phenomenal place to kitesurf with its glistening turquiose waters and desert sand all around.  It is one of the top world locations because the wind blows consistently day in and day out.  It is a medium strength wind blowing around 20mph which makes it nice and easy to fly the kite feeling comfortable and safe.  The wind blows over the sand  allowing it to shelter the water proving extremely flat water – which means no waves to knock you off your board!
The wind direction takes you away from the busy shoreline and allows you to have plenty of space to practice your riding skills in the peace and tranquility of the luxuriously warm water with just the rescue boat aka ‘water taxi’ there to guide you.
Charly your instructor has endless hours of experience, the energy of a Duracell bunny and the enthusiasm to back it up.  His passion to help you learn will have you up on the board and riding in no time.
During the Progressor Sessions Charly will also take the opportunity to teach you kite relaunching techniques making you drop your kite in to the water in various different ways and then teaching you how to recover it.  He will also show you how to use your safety system, so that by the time you head home you will no longer have to watch longingly at the kitesurfers on the water because you will be the kitesurfer in the water.
The course will run as part of the Egyptian Energy Holidays with Jo Wilson which is for intermediate – advanced kitesurfers.  You will be 100% part of this holiday, but learning with a different instructor.  There are a maximum of 4 places on the Progressor Sessions to ensure a strong element of 1:1 coaching and maximum amount of time on the water.
We will be staying in the Breakers Hotel which is a 4* luxury hotel with a Cafe Del Mar feel.  The staff are friendly (not too friendly) and the food is delicious, there is a change of theme each evening.  There is a beautiful swimming pool or fabulous snorkelling from right outside the hotel.  Its the perfect place to kitesurf until you can’t kitesurf anymore and then relax as the wind dies in the late afternoon.  Jo will run stretching sessions at the end of each day to help ease any aches and kinks of your muscles ready for another phenomenal time on the water the following day.