Why you'll love Kite Surfing with Bar Reef Beach Resort!

  • A very informal and chilled out rustic beach resort
  • Kite directly from the beach in front of the hotel
  • Beautiful natural accommodation with outdoor showers

Overview Of Bar Reef Beach Resort

Situated on the two kilometer stretch of beach, Bar Reef offers a truly relaxing experience. Our partner kitesurf centre is within 10km of the property - but free kiting is possible directly from the beach at the hotel.

As lovely as it is, Bar Reef does not offer the boutique hotel-type experience - it is instead a very informal and chilled out beach resort that offers the friendly hospitality of its village staff rather than regimented hotel-type service. And what it might lack in amenities (there's no running hot water, for example), it makes up for with the rustic charm and whimsical design of its buildings which encourages guests to meet and mingle in an unpretentious communal atmosphere, where you can talk for hours about your day on the water.


Bar Reef features two kinds of accommodation - 6 cabanas and 2 villas, all of which are set within their own private and secluded gardens. Each of the Cabanas and Villas are decorated differently, each with it's own characteristic.

The accommodation is absolutely beautiful, though very natural, with very basic facilities, such as invigorating outdoor showers.

Palmyrah Cabana, Driftwood Cabana, Coral Cabana, Coco Cabana, Bamboo Cabana, Copper Cabana

Thala Villa, Samara Villa


The resort itself features a striking open pavilion restaurant overlooking the Indian Ocean, and an enormous 40 meter fibre optic-lit pool reflecting the starry sky at night - all laid out in an intriguing mix of the traditional and new. There is usually a delicious local rice and curry buffet or barbeque each evening supplemented by a small a la carte menu.