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Would definitely recommend. Excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable of all the resorts.

Service rating : Very disappointed. Asked for a range of views as this is my one proper holiday of the year, was recommended Viana for early Sept and specifically asked if there'd be wind. I was told it was windy that time of year. Yet going to the place the locals that work there and a friend who's taught a season says from mid August wind gets unpredictable as it starts to drop off. Furthermore, the wind is a thermal one so no kiting till the afternoon. Had i known this i would have picked Dahkla which would have worked about about ÂŁ1k cheaper if one includes all the extras i had to buy e.g. food, and other activities i wouldn't have needed.

Also, Viana is not a great place for kiting, safety is poor, people kiting don't actually respect etiquette in terms of who has priority, no safety boat (i did ask if there was one), Feel Viana staff in the hotel were great, staff on the beach were surly and not very helpful. Also its not a great set up to keep kites and access to the beach, unlike Breakers in Egypt or any Dahkla kite spot. Lastly i was precise in saying i was going on my own, this is not the place to go on your own for any period as its not a social kite camp.

In summary very very disapointed, have booked a number of holidays with Planet kite surf, and recommended it to others. Not sure i can do that any longer
Product : see previous write up on Customer experience

Service rating : Planet's service is consistently good
Product : The hotel was excellent; the beach good (the biggest problem being a lack of separation between kiters and general beach goers, which can easily lead to a serious accident); the lessons were excellent (fortunately we did have wind, although it was sometimes touch and go); sadly, Portugal was a bit of a disappointment (the only place we found that we liked was Ponte de Lima)

Service rating : Happy to recommend PW. Great service very knowledgeable and responsive
Product : Great hotel, great wind all week but slightly spoilt by the techno festival for 4 days of our stay despite being warned by PW and the hotel.
Other slight downside was the windsurfing kit. It wasn’t this years and not the best. Overused and sun damaged i holed 2 sails in day one. I’ve never holed a sail in my life and consider myself to be a good windsurfer. Charged to mend as they don’t offer insurance.

Not very organized and a Surly attitude.

Hotel Feelviana is perfect for kiting, windsurfing, surfing, stand up paddling and biking! Great wind and waves! Super nice Spa, gym and yoga room! Great and super friendly hotel staff. Awesome breakfast and food in the restaurant. In love with the hotel and defenitely coming back next year!!!

FeelViana is a beautifully designed hotel with lots of attention to detail. We had a 4 night stay, midway through a 3 week touring holiday, enjoyed the stay and we're sorry to move on.

We had a wonderful stay at FeelViana hotel and loved every aspect of it starting from the warm welcoming of yours over the large breakfast, offering a wide range of sweet and salty food and ending it with a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant. The restaurant is one of the highlights with high class but affordable meals. The whole hotel feels really cozy thanks to its wooden interior as well as your great service including the sports center and the SPA area. Definitely looking forward to our next stay!

Hotel Feelviana is really special. Modern, but cosy, very nice view from the rooms (ocean view). Very nice salons and breakfast room.


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