The kite surf centre is located directly on a kilometer long beach that offers ideal conditions for a relaxed kite vacation. The legendary wind and year-round pleasant water and air temperature promises lots of fun on the water and the beach offers plenty of space to start and land kites. It also offers compressed air, fresh water showers, reserved sun beds an integrated beach bar and a free W-lan hotspot. Due to the cross off-shore wind the centre is sheltered from wind and so offers plenty of shade for a relaxing whilst off the water.

Only the newest and best kite equipment.

The centre is one of the biggest and best stocked in the world! They are always stocked with the newest CABRINHA Kites & Boards; no less than 350 kites and 120 kiteboards!! Whether freestyle or comfortable freeriding, they have the right setup on the beach.

As the wind here is cross-off shore a good rescue service is essential. The centre has great safety cover with staff ‘spotters’ being replaced every 2 hours; there is always someone looking out for and kiteer drifting out so a rescue jet ski can be dispatch if needed. Storage & rescue cover is ONLY available to those at IKO level III or above (riding up wind). If you are not at this level get then there are sverla course available or there is a tidal lagoon for improving (please call to check if the lagoon will be working for you travel period).

Kitesurf Centre Facilities:

    * Compressed air to inflate the kite

    * freshwater showers in the interior and exterior

    * sanitary facilities

    * professional advise

    * beach bar for drinks and snacks

    * free Wireless Hotspot

    * free sunbeds
    * sheltered sun-islands

    * shady palm trees

    * manned lookout towers for safety

    * rescue service

    * massage and physiotherapy on the beach

    * photo service

Kiteboarding instruction in Sotavento

Kiteboarding instruction takes place with jet ski support directly in front of the Kite Center. With a maximum of 3 pupils per instructor starting off in this fascinating sport is not only made simple, this intensive instruction also ensures maximum progress! Whether you would like to just get a taste of this sport or take part in a complete beginner’s course – we will be happy to advise you!

Perhaps you already started a kiteboarding course but could not finish or achieve your goal – no problem, we will help you to improve! The kiteboarding instructors are approved by IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) ; so you will be taught by a professional team of instructors.


Special offer – supervised rental of Kite equipment.

Every day groups of max. 4 kiters are supported by a trainer to help you improve your level on the open sea in the kite zone directly in front of the Kite Center.

The staff also provides assistance with starting and landing on the beach as well as useful tips and takes care of your safety out on the sea on jet skis.

Times for the 3-hour-units offered are coordinated beforehand.

Requirements: Minimum level 2i IKO  (control and start of a kite lying in water, body drag on all courses, lifting out of the water, riding) – obtainable on site.

Pre Booked Sports Services


  • One Weeks Kitesurfing Storage & Rescue Cover (min IKO Level III)
  • Two Weeks Kitesurfing Storage & Rescue Cover (min IKO Level III)


  • 6 Hours Semi-Private IKO Kitesurfing Beginner Course (MAX 2 STUDENTS)
  • 1 Hour Private Kitesurfing Instruction (excl equipment)
  • Kitesurf improver course (max 4 students / 3 hours per session) - get up and riding. Min IKO level II


  • One Week Kitesurf Rental (IKO Level III Only / upwind sailing ONLY)
  • Two Weeks Kitesurf Rental (IKO Level III Only / upwind sailing ONLY)

Sport centre prices are as a guide, prices can change depending on the season and exchange rates. When pre booking with Planet you normally receive around a 10% discount on direct local prices. More importantly, you MUST pre book any essential sport services at the time of booking to ensure availability. Please be sure to ask us about this during the booking process.