Top 5 reasons to visit Cumbuco in Brazil

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Top 5 reasons to visit Cumbuco in Brazil

The small village of Cumbuco in the northeast of Brazil was once just a small fishing village but thanks to the discovery of some great kitesurfing conditions it has become a perfect holiday destination. Kitesurfers will love this part of Brazil with its great flat-water, fun waves and reliable winds!


Here are our top 5 reason to visit Cumbuco on your next kitesurfing holiday:

1. World class kitesurfing

On the one side of Cumbuco there are big dunes while a flat sea spreads out on the other. The warm air radiates off the dunes and helps the wind to build up throughout the day. The beach here is miles long and is flat and wide for easy launching. It never seems too crowded thanks to the vast kitesurfing area. The kitesurf centre at Cumbuco offers amazing kitesurf courses to suit any level and the best range of gear for rental. 


You can expect some small chop and swell at low tide, and medium chop with a powerful beach break at high tide. The water is flatter in the middle and waves can be found at an invisible sandbar just a few hundred meters offshore. 

Situated just 10km downwind (north) of Cumbuco is the Lagoa Cauipe lagoon. Enjoy the perfect flat water on this vast lagoon. To get there you can take a buggy, 4×4 along the beach or use the downwind to surf there. Expect incredibly reliable wind between June and December. The wind here usually blows 80% of the day at about 20 – 30 knots.

2. Amazing 5-star accommodation

You will be excited to find an incredible 5-star resort along this coast. Enjoy the amazing facilities and 5-star service at the Carmel Cumbuco Resort. This hotel is located at the south end of the village which, in our opinion, is the best location in Cumbuco.


The beach here is stunning and set away from the more ‘backpacker’ central Cumbuco area. The resort offers 88 luxurious suites, all with a balcony and an incredible view of the ocean.


Get everything you need from a 5-star resort which includes spa treatments, lobby bar, jacuzzis, dry and steam sauna, children’s pools, fitness centre, beach volleyball court, beach lounge, restaurant, toy room, parking and much more.

3. Exciting activities

Cumbuco has vast sand dunes right behind the village. The best way to discover the dunes is with a buggy tour – just be sure to take a sand board along for some sand-boarding action. The dunes are also beautiful at night with a full moon in the sky.

The beach is long and beautiful and a great way to explore it is on horseback. The area also offers other fun activities like zip-lining, jet ski adventures on the water or sailing on a traditional fishing boat.

4. Experience all the great restaurants

Since the discovery of kitesurfing in this area, many new restaurants have opened up in the village. There is a huge variety of restaurants from beach style dining to international cuisine in great settings.


Enjoy the more traditional roadside eateries or take in the live music at the beach bars. This small village is a melting pot of culture and cuisine.

5. A small village with lots to offer

In the last decade Cumbuco has become the mecca for kitesurfers and since then many small businesses like restaurants, shops or bars have opened. The village attracts not only foreigners but also Brazilians that come down to Cumbuco to have a taste of the beach life, dunes and international cuisine.


The village has everything you might need, such as supermarkets, restaurants, bars, pharmacies and ATM machines. Enjoy the friendly Brazilian smiles and the fascinating culture that makes up this small village.

Amazing adventures and epic kitesurfing are waiting for you in Cumbuco. Contact us to help plan your kitesurfing holiday in 2018.