6 reasons to kitesurf Mauritius

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6 reasons to kitesurf Mauritius

Are you looking for the perfect kitesurfing destination? Have you spent hours trawling the internet looking for a kiting holiday that ticks all your boxes? Well, here at Planet Kitesurf, we think that Mauritius comes pretty close to perfection. Here are just six reasons why you should seriously consider Mauritius for your next kiting holiday:

#1 The conditions

The windy season runs from May to November, so it’s long and reliable. The combination of reliable wind and impeccable flat water at big kiting lagoons as well as world-class waves means Mauritius has pretty much got the lot in terms of conditions. And in certain destinations, such as Le Morne, you can even find all of this off the same beach!


#2 The kitesurfing spots

The plain and simple truth is that in Mauritius you have a choice of some of the best kiting spots on the planet. Imagine being able to kite at three or four different spots all on the same trip. Well in Mauritius this is possible! Each spot offers unique conditions for different skill levels so you can choose the one that works for you or change things up depending on the weather. You can even enjoy a downwind adventure between some of the spots.


#3 The culture

Mauritius is a real melting pot of cultures and traditions, but the people are super friendly. All types of people and a variety of religions sit side by side here and yet, as an example of the rest of the world, everybody gets along. This also translates into the food which is an amazing blend of cuisine from all of these cultures. With French, Dutch, British, Arabic and other influences abounding around the islands, it’s perhaps not surprising that there is rich culture and varied cuisine on offer everywhere you look.


#4 The accommodation

Mauritius is probably best known as a luxury beach holiday destination with world-class hotels. And as the kiting season coincides with the off-peak tourism period, you can usually find great deals for even the most luxurious accommodation options. Multiple restaurants, free kids clubs, all-inclusive activities and prime beachfront locations are just some of the hotel facilities you have to look forward to.


#5 Access

Mauritius might be in the Indian Ocean but there are direct flights available from London throughout the year. Or you can even go via South Africa and combine your kitesurfing holiday with a safari or a visit to Cape Town. And despite the long distance from home, the time difference is only three hours, so, you won’t spend the first few days of your trip dealing with jet lag.


#6 Cost

As we mentioned, the windy season is off-peak in Mauritius, so even the high-end hotel options are surprisingly affordable. Planet also offers exclusive special deals at the top hotels on the island so you’re guaranteed the best price. Combine this with a generally affordable cost of living and you might find your Mauritius kitesurfing holiday costs less than you expect.

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