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Mauritius Kitesurfing Holidays

Kitesurfing Holidays In Mauritius



The Islands of Mauritius and Rodriquez (also part of Mauritius) are set in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean off the coast of South East Africa. To travel to Mauritius Planet Kitesurf can arrange for either direct flights from London or Paris (in Europe) or indirect flights via Dubai or Johannesburg if you are considering combining your stay with South Africa or Dubai.

If you asked any well travelled kitesurfer where is the best kitesurf destination in the world you would normally get the same answer, go and kitesurf in Mauritius! So why is a kitesurf holiday to Mauritius so good ? It is a combination of incredibly reliable wind, perfect flat water kitesurf lagoons with world class waves at the same spot and stunning luxury hotels at crazy prices. A kitesurf holiday to Mauritius is one of the best value luxury kitesurf holidays available as the Mauritius wind season of May to November coincided with the low season hotel prices because the bigger tourist market want to avoid the wind season. Therefore as kite surfers we get the best of both worlds; amazing wind and the cheapest prices !

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When And Where To Go Kitesurfing In Mauritius

So you have decided to consider Mauritius as your next kitesurf holiday destination, so where in Mauritius should you go? Well this one of the reasons it is always best to book your holiday via Planet Kitesurf Holidays to ensure you get the correct location and hotel for your kitesurf level, budget and resort aspirations. Planet Kitesurf travel to Mauritius every summer to make sure we have the most up to date hotel information and to ensure we only work with the very best Mauritius kitesurf schools. Of course it is not the hardest job in the work to visit Mauritius !

It is always best to speak directly with us to discuss your holiday plans. Our website is to be used as a point of reference but there is no substitute for speaking directly to an expert kitesurf travel advisor. However, as a rough guide we would summarise as follows:

Best to to visit Mauritius is May through to December. Absolute optimum wind months are August through to October but other times are really very good as well.

Where to go? Well it all depends on your level and budget. In a nutshell the South West has the best conditions. If you want the best luxury hotel, access to kitesurf & windsurf with flat water and waves then St Regis in Le Morne is the best. If you don’t want to splash out on St Regis then there are some brilliant value good quality hotels in Bel Ombre, just a 15 minute drive from the kitesurf resort Le Morne. The kiting here is marginally better than Le Morne for flat water lagoonal conditions. There are also some nice waves here but we still think One Eye in Le Morne is the best wave - for very advances riders only ! If you want to get away from it all and have ‘as far as the eye can see’ flat water they Rodriquez Island is amazing but very sparse location. We also have some stunning properties in and around the South West area if you don’t mind being away from the beach (we will include car hire). The most stunning, and highly recommended of these, is Lazaz Chamarel..really amazing barefoot luxury property.

If you have the time then we can easily arrange for a tailor made tour to encompass one or many of these areas as well as combining the best Mauritius kitesurf location with other areas such as Reunion Island (great for a few days trekking and adventure), stunning Wellness & Spa retreats in the North where the weather is warmer or even combine with another country such as South Africa or Dubai.

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