8 reasons to kitesurf in Sicily

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8 reasons to kitesurf in Sicily

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is blessed with warm weather, a kitesurfing season that extends virtually all year, and a huge flat shallow water lagoon that is relatively undiscovered, offering a tranquil haven for kitesurfers of all levels. Here are 8 reasons why your next kitesurfing holiday should be in Sicily:


1. It’s easy to get to

The world offers many beautiful and windy kitesurfing destinations, however reaching some of these locations can take days of travelling and an extensive budget. With low-cost flights from the UK and major European cities, you can be kitesurfing in Sicily in a matter of hours, making Sicily the ideal spot for a short break or long weekend getaway.

2. There is wind all-year round

There is no season in Sicily! Here the wind blows all year round and the most reliable winds are in autumn and spring when many other kitesurfing destinations worldwide are becalmed. However, in the warm summers, the heating of the lagoon creates regular thermic wind perfect for 9-12m kite, while the winters are also great, just be sure to pack a thicker wetsuit. 

3. Sicily boasts a huge shallow, flat-water lagoon 


The lagoon at the spot in Sicily is huge. While the section in front of the schools can get a bit crowded with those learning to kitesurf, even a mediocre kiter will have no problem kiting away for five minutes and finding an empty spot with flat water and complete solitude. With the different wind directions, the lagoon offers many varied spots with unique characteristics including sandy beaches, sheltered flat water behind salt field walls, sections where you can enjoy big downwinders or you can even kite all the way up to the sea so enjoy some small waves. 

4. Fantastic culture


Where wind and weather is good, there are happy kiters to keep you a company. You are bound to meet many old friends here and make even more! It’s always nice to chill in between your kiting session with new found friends or you can enjoy a trip around Sicily to discover the local culture and cuisine. 

5. Good wine and good food 


The Italian people are very, very proud of their food and they have a reason to be. In Sicily you can buy amazing local wine for surprisingly cheap prices and the food is also amazing – perhaps the best in all of Italy! 

6. It is perfect for beginners 

Did we mention the vast shallow and flat water lagoon already?! Well guess what, it’s obviously perfect for beginners. At this spot, learning to kitesurf is so easy and safe. The lagoon has a soft muddy ground, so even if you crash in the ankle deep water, you are guaranteed a soft landing and there is no chop to disturb your first waterstart.

7. You can explore while kiting


One of the biggest benefits of kitesurfing on Lo Stagnone lagoon is the possibility for exploration. Most of the world’s spots have restricted areas that are under the supervision of the rescue team, so riders can end up riding the same tack during the whole stay. However, in Sicily there is no need for a rescue team because the lagoon is shallow all over so even intermediate riders can go out for an adventure! You can kite all the way upwind to the sea, or take a trip around the island, exploring the surroundings.

8. A great centre and accommodation on the spot


Last, but not least you can enjoy the facilities of our kitesurf school located right on the spot with onsite accommodation at the Prokite Hotel. Their professional services include kite lessons and rental and excursions and no-wind activities can be arranged directly at the Prokite Centre.

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