The best hidden escapes for kitesurfing

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The best hidden escapes for kitesurfing

Looking for a new kitesurfing adventure to an island paradise or just a unique holiday destination off the beaten track? Planet Kitesurf Holidays have put together a collection of some very special luxury hideaways collated through years of research and experience. From the rustic beauty of Brazil to the island paradise of Mauritius and destinations you never even knew existed. These hidden escapes can offer you a one of a kind cultural experience to make your next kitesurf holiday one to you will never forget.

Gostoso, Brazil


If you are looking for that true South American experience with great wind conditions then the coastal area of Gostoso is the perfect destination for an amazing kitesurf holiday. Gostoso is one of the most accessible of resorts in Brazil and is located in the region of Rio Grande Do Norte. 


The locals are very charming and are always happy to welcome kitesurfers to the area. This area has a very serene and calm feel and moves quite slow compared to other Brazillian towns. There are however plenty new restaurants and bars opening in the town to accommodate all the new visitors to the area. The best time for kitesurfing in Gostoso is between September and March when there is super reliable wand can range from 17 to 30 knots.

Boa Vista, Cape Verde


Boa Vista is a stunning island in the Cape Verde archipelago that has some of the most beautiful beaches. The hotels and accommodations on the island are nicely spread out along the West Coast of the island allowing for that real hidden escape feeling. 


In Boa Vista kitesurfers can look forward to buttery flat-water conditions with a reliable cross off-shore wind. There is also easy access to wave spots around the island. Boa Vista’s windy season is between October and April when the northern trade winds moves down to the southern hemisphere. This incredible archipelago just off the coast of Africa has a unique local charm and wide open spaces that are so inviting to adventurers looking for that perfect hidden escape.

Bel Ombre, Mauritius


Bel Ombre is located on the south-west of the Island of Mauritius that still retains that true Mauritian culture. There is a large reef belt that surrounds the area which is very typical of Mauritius. Thanks to the reef, kitesurfers can enjoy both the waves at the edge of the reef as well as the flat-water conditions inside the reef.


The small village with its truly authentic feeling of Mauritius and the charm of the locals, along with the stunning scenery, makes for an incredible holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of the busier kiting areas like Le Morne.

Paracas, Peru


When you think about truly hidden destinations the first place that comes to mind is Peru. With stunning wildlife and incredible culture throughout Peru, there is no better country to explore. Paracas has some incredible kitesurfing conditions and is just four hours from Lima. The conditions in Paracas are perfect for learning to kitesurf, with water in the bay being shallow enough to stand as well as a u-shaped bay that makes it very safe for beginners. 


Paracas is unusual in that on one side of the resort it is quite dirty with litter washing up on the beaches, however on the other side the scenery and beaches are absolutely stunning. On this side of Paracas, there is a huge nature reserve which borders the area and is home to thousands of birds, including huge flocks of pelicans and flamingos. Get to Peru for a true adventure.

Zanzibar, Tanzania


The incredibly stunning white-sand beaches of Zanzibar along with its crystal clear waters make this island the perfect place for relaxing and adventurous kitesurf holiday. Along the south-east coast you will find some of the best beaches that have stunning coral reefs and that are perfect for snorkelling and diving.


Recently the island has become very popular with kitesurfers. During high tide the water is super flat and shallow which makes it perfect for all levels of kitesurfers.  There are two main wind seasons in Zanzibar, during mid-December to February is the season called Kaskazi when the wind blows at about 15 knots from the North. The second season is called Kuzi when the wind blows from the South to South-East between May and October. Zanzibar is a great location for those adventurers looking for a hidden escape along with great kite surfing.

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