Best things to experience in Dakhla

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Best things to experience in Dakhla

On the edge of the Atlantic Ocean you will find the exotic city of Dakhla. This incredible city in the desert is built on a peninsula that forms the bay of Rio de Oro. This Moroccan city will bring out your true sense of adventure and these are just some of the experiences not to be missed on your desert holiday to Dakhla! 


1. Kitesurfers paradise in Dakhla

With a stunning lagoon on the one side of the peninsula and the wild Atlantic on the other, its no wonder Dakhla attracts all levels of kitesurfer. The other added bonus of Dakhla is the wind is incredibly consistent. Even in the lowest wind season you can expect it to blow about 60% of the time.


The water on the lagoon is butter-flat and has great shallow areas making it perfect for beginners learning to kitesurf. The wave spots around the peninsula offer more advanced kitesurfers the chance to really take to the sky. Dakhla truly is a kitesurfers paradise!


2. Discover the deserted beaches of Dakhla

All along the coast, you will find plenty of deserted beaches, both north, and south of Dakhla. Take a drive along the coast and discover your favourite. Look out for Foum el Bouir which is the surfer’s beach and take a dip or just watch the action. Further down south is the Puertito beach. This is a stunning expanse of white sand beach and is known for campers setting up their Saharan bivouac.


4. Find a Moroccan keepsake

There are quite a few incredible artisan workshops in and around Dakhla where you can find hand-crafted jewellery and artisans working with silver, textiles and other traditional crafts. Finding that perfect souvenir is the ideal way to take a little bit of this desert paradise home with you.


5. Visit the Old Mosque

This ancient mosque was built by the Spanish and is located in the heart of Dakhla. The simple white-washed building is a monument to the ancient architecture and definitely worth a visit! 

6. Try the local Moroccan cuisine

Take a stroll along the seafront in Dakhla and here you will find loads of incredible local restaurants. The best way to find your favourite dish is to try them all. The Moroccan cuisine is made to entice your taste buds and take you on a culinary adventure that only this kind of exotic cuisine can do.


7. Take a drive in Dakhla’s desert

Rent a car in Dakhla and take to the open road. This is the best way to experience the true adventurous spirit of Dakhla. Just 30km from Dakhla you will discover the huge white dune. This incredible natural phenomenon rises straight out of the middle of the lagoon. Here you will also find a huge gathering of flamingos. Keep driving along the coast to discover all the exotic splendour of the desert.


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