Top kitesurfing destinations in the Caribbean

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Top kitesurfing destinations in the Caribbean

With its consistent winds from November to June, beautiful beaches and stunning azure waters, it’s no wonder that the Caribbean has become one of the most popular kitesurfing destinations in the world. The Caribbean is especially popular with kitesurfers travelling with non-kiting partners or family, as it is not only a tremendous kitesurfing destination but also makes for a superb general holiday location. Mainly, the Caribbean attracts couples and families, but there are a few islands that also work well for a singles kitesurf holiday

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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The combination of flat water, excellent wave riding and exciting downwinders is what makes Cabarete one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the Carribean. Cabarete is a typical Carribean paradise with its long white-sand beaches and warm seas.


The wind speed in the morning can be quite modest and then by midday will gain strength due to the trade wind that comes up in the afternoon. The best wind conditions are between January to March and June through to September. There is an offshore reef that is about 600 meters off the beach. Within the reef is stunning buttery-flat water that is perfect for beginners or those looking to fly along the surface.

Cabarete is also a great destination for singles and couples with an amazing nightlife and lots of activities to enjoy. The Cabarete Kitesurf School offers a great package all year round which includes unlimited rental of kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and SUPing equipment as well as a variety of lessons in all of these sports. With direct flights from the UK and affordable, apartment style accommodation, Cabarete is a great value for money option in the Caribbean.

Bonaire, Dutch Antilles

Bonaire is a small island in the Dutch Carribean, it is a kitesurfer’s paradise with its sandy beaches, steady offshore winds and buttery-flat water. The island has a constant north-east trade wind that blows at about 15 and 25 knots with a stunning crystal clear ocean that is always perfectly warm!


Bonaire offers spectacular year-round kitesurfing but the best time to kitesurf is between February and July. Later in the afternoon, the water goes buttery-smooth making the kitesurfing conditions perfect. Don’t forget to look out for the sea turtles, flying fish and of course the dolphins, because they’re definitely there!

Unfortunately, the accommodation options are not directly on the kitesurf beach so you will need to drive from your chosen Bonaire hotel but the hotels do offer a great laid-back atmosphere for a relaxing holiday and loads of activities for the family to enjoy.

Santa Lucia, Cuba

Santa Lucia offers kitesurfers world class conditions and has awesome opportunities for wave riding as well as flat waters for freestlying. The area has a very laid-back atmosphere and surrounding natural beauty is typical of that Caribbean charm.


There are three main kitesurfing spots in Santa Lucia, one spot is in the North in Case en Bas and two spots are found in the South near the international airport in Vieux Fort. The wind can be gusty at the start of the windy season which is between December and February when the trade winds blow from the North.

Not only is Santa Lucia great for kitesurfing, it is also a paradise for families with loads of other activities like swimming, snorkeling and diving. With direct flights from UK to Cuba, a holiday to this stunning region is so simple.

Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

Tobago, located in the West Indies offers a true island paradise in a tiny package. The island is just 26 miles long and seven miles wide. Kitesurfing in Tobago means vast uncrowded lagoons, incredible wave surfing and stunning turquoise waters.


The winds normally blow easterly to north-easterly from October to May and averages 12 to 20 knots. During spring the wind switches east to south-east and blows at about 8 to 15 knots until the rainy season in July.  The best wind season is between November and January when the wind is strong and consistent.

Discover Calypso music, limbo dance, steel drums and the colourful culture in this incredible destination. Choose from many stunning beachfront hotels and villas to complete a kitesurf holiday of your dreams.

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Providenciales is known for being one of the best learn to kitesurf locations in the Caribbean, especially during the winter wind season.


The best kitesurf season is from November to April. Kiteboarding here is still quite under the radar so get ready for huge lagoons and pristine waters with relatively few other people. Providenciales is famous for its endlessly beautiful turquoise waters and stunning beaches.

This stunning location is just a 9-hour flight from the UK, making it an easily accessible luxury kitesurf destination. Bring the family along to enjoy the numerous other activities available on the island such as stunning golf courses, exceptional diving and snorkelling.

Union Island, Grenadines

Union Island is renowned for having some of the bluest flat-water as well as consistent and steady cross-shore winds. The best wind conditions are between December and June when the wind blows 90% of the time at about 17 to 24 knots.


This island is perfect for all levels of kitesurfing with butter-flat shallow water which is ideal for beginners and freestyling. For the more advanced kitesurfers, there is also a number of different wave spots to pull out some awesome airs and maneuvers.

Union Island has its own airport which has daily flights from the bigger Caribbean Islands and the level of accommodation on the island is just perfect for a luxury kitesurf holiday.

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