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Breathtaking and beautiful Bonaire is a kitesurfing paradise

The breath-taking island of Bonaire is one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world. This idyllic Caribbean island is part of the Dutch Antilles and is truly an island paradise. The island boasts an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and a sea temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius. Together with a fantastic offshore […]

The Disappearance (Cabrinha Kitesurfing)

With the imminent release of Chapter One, Cabrinha have just released behind the scenes footage of the film shot in Fiji. Make a cup of tea, sit back and start getting excited about watching what promises to be the best kitesurfing movie ever made. Published on Oct 6, 2016 Behind the scenes footage of the Chapter One film […]

Up to 35% off all 2016 Ozone, North & RRD Kitesurf Equipment!

We have a fantastic offer on all North, Ozone & RRD 2016 equipment. Book a holiday with Planet before Dec 31st 2016 and get 35% off the RRP!! Yep, you heard it correctly, 35%. Our online store will be launching later this year so for now please mention that you are interested in buying some new equipment […]

Up to 35% off 2016 Ozone Zephyr V4s!!

We have an amazing 35% off the 2016 Ozone Zephyr V4. Our friends at Ozone are offering 20% the kite only and complete set ups and we’re offering a further 15% off if you book a holiday with Planet Kitesurf before Dec 31st 2016. Call us on 01273 921 001 for more details! 2016 Ozone Zephyr […]

New RRD Kite Collection

Here’s the new RRD Kite Collection. With six kites to cover just about every riding style you can think of: there’s one for everyone. Check it out! Check the overall video of the new RRD Year 22 kite collection here. Go to our website to find a detailed explanation and a video of each separate […]

Nobile ZEN Hydrofoil: the most advanced hydrofoil ever made!

Let’s introduce you to the all new Nobile ZEN Hydrofoil: a technology jewel resulting from a 15-month research, probably the most advanced and tested aluminium-carbon composite hydrofoil ever made! What is genius about it is that it can travel as standard luggage on a plane using its split board technology. What more could we ask […]

Untouchable in Patagonia

Immersion in the beautiful and wild nature of Patagonia with Reno Romeu, Tome Hebert and Sky Solbach: take a breath of fresh air, jump icebergs and ride in front of glaciers through this full bore high production value video. Refreshment guaranteed! Join the North Kiteboarding Team on their incredible journey to the beautiful und untouched […]

North Kiteboarding Click Bar is Out Today!

Let’s introduce the brand new North Kiteboarding Click Bar, out… yesterday! It seems that powering and depowering your kite has never been easier. With its super precise adjustment and its automatic untwisting this easily accessible Click Bar is gonna please any rider and any kite. It’s time to have it a go! It’s The Gamechanger! The […]

Get 15% of 2017 Kitesurf Equipment!

We have a fantastic offer on all NEW North, Ozone & RRD 2017 equipment. Book a holiday with Planet before Dec 31st 2016 and get 15% off the RRP for all North, Ozone & RRD Kitesurf equipment. Our online store will be launching later this year so for now please mention that you are interested […]

The first European made kites are coming!

“Made in Asia” time is over, and CrazyFly lead the trend by setting up the first factory production of inflatable kites in Europe. They are the very first brand to make all their boards, kites, bars, footpads and accessories in Europe. Throw an eye inside their factory and let yourself be tempted! Ready for the […]

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