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Search our latest articles & news and get inspired! If you need more information or would like to book a holiday you can call and speak to a kitesurf travel expert on +44 (0)1273 921 001.

11 tricks for advanced freeriders

Do you consider yourself a skilled kiteboarder and you are ready for some new moves, but not really sure where to start? Alby Rondina and Laci Kobulsky from our Sicily Kitesurf Centre let us in on their 11 favourite tricks!

The world’s best learn to kitesurf schools

Our selection of some of the very best kitesurfing schools in the world. All of these offer superb tuition, fun, value for money and stunning locations. And we’re sure if you visit you’ll find your kiting level goes through the roof.

Top kitesurf hotel named Mauritius’ Leading Luxury Resort

Planet’s favourite luxury kitesurfing hotel – The St. Regis Mauritius Resort has won the Mauritius’ Leading Luxury Resort 2019 at the 26th annual World Travel Awards.

How to learn to kitefoil

In order to avoid the worst of the frustration that comes with learning any new skill (and the pain and humiliation of the odd faceplant) it’s worth keeping the following tips in mind when learning to kitefoil.

Tips for booking the ultimate holiday

The ultimate kitesurfing holiday combines luxury with affordability. But how do you go about finding the perfect deal? Here are a few tips from travel experts to get you started!

Travel tips for your next kitesurf holiday

If you’ve caught the kitesurfing bug and are ready to plan your next kitesurf holiday, then first of all, lucky you. But secondly, although we know it’s exciting, it’s important to do it right. A little bit of extra planning and forethought and you can really maximize your kitesurfing adventure.

What to look for in a great kitesurf hotel

When embarking on a kitesurf holiday it’s important that you find a hotel that’s going to tick all your kiting boxes. Here’s what to look for when making your choice of the best kitesurfing hotel.

The best luxury kitesurfing destinations

A closer look at five of our most spectacular luxury kitesurfing holiday spots, and a little insight into why they stand out from the crowd.

Quick tips for travelling to the Maldives

The Maldives is an absolutely stunning destination for kitesurfing. Well renowned for its exquisite resorts and amazing diving and snorkelling opportunities, this island destination is often glanced over in the search for the ultimate kitesurfing holiday. And wrongly so! Many of the islands over protected lagoons where the wind blows consistently and some, such as […]

Kitesurfing: travel and safety

The ultimate kitesurfing holiday is something you look forward to for a very long time. However, in order for your kitesurfing holiday to be everything you dreamed of and more, there are some things to bear in mind when it comes to staying safe when travelling! Keep reading for some safety tips and tricks from […]

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