Finding Our Adventure in Fuerteventura

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Finding Our Adventure in Fuerteventura

Written by: Finding Our Adventure

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Jonny and Hannah and we are travel content creators at Finding Our Adventure. We believe life should be a continuous adventure…

One of our favourite adventurous getaways is the Canary Islands. They are perfect for some winter sun. We live in the UK and the winters can be pretty long, so to be able to escape to a beautiful island in the middle of winter is perfect for us. One of our favourite Canary Islands is Fuerteventura.


Fuerteventura is the perfect mixture of sun, sand, mountains and laid back lifestyle. When you throw in amazing water sports into the mix, it starts to become a pretty perfect destination. Fuerteventura is blessed with winds that make sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing viable for most of the year. It is an incredibly popular destination for these water sports and after spending a little bit of time on the island you quickly find out why. The beautiful turquoise water, soft golden sand and all year round warm weather attracts people from all over Europe. We love how parts of the island still feel rugged and remote. Arriving at a secluded empty beach makes the experience even more unique.


If you have never surfed or participated in any water sports then there are plenty of coaching options and hire companies available on the island to point you in the right direction. There is also a good mix of hotels to choose from to suit any budget.

If you need a break from the coastal winds then head further inland and explore the mountainous terrain on bike or foot. We found some incredible mountain roads that had perfectly smooth tarmac. The temperature does sore though and a good amount of water is needed.


After we arrived on the island and collected our bags we went to pick up our rental car. The rental car of choice on the island was the small Fiat Panda. It wasn’t very fast and was terrible climbing the mountain roads but we ended up really liking it. We paid less than £60 for the car and fuel for an entire week making it incredible value for money.

Our favourite beach for water sports was Playa de Sotavento. The car park near the beach makes it very easy to get to and the sand bars stretching out into the ocean meant that the windsurfing and kitesurfing were very accessible to both beginners and more experienced surfers.


None of the beaches that we visited was overly busy, but they can become a hotspot to nudists – especially the elderly. If you are looking to escape and find your own piece of paradise then we suggest Playa de Cofete. Accessed via gravel mountain roads, getting to this beach is a drive not for the faint-hearted. However, here soaring mountains overlook the large golden beach with crashing waves making it a magnificent spot to visit.


Some highlights of Fuerteventura for us included:

  • Watching kitesurfers on Playa de Sotavento beach
  • Running in the volcanic landscape
  • Finding remote beaches such as Playa de Cofete
  • Exploring small traditional towns in the centre of the island
  • Trying new watersports that we haven’t tried before

What makes Fuerteventura so special to us is that it manages to avoid the party island culture. Fuerteventura has managed to hold onto a lot of the traditions of the Canary Islands, yet it has been able to include a wealth of sporting activities to keep everyone entertained. The beaches are some of the best around, throw in high-quality food and friendly people, and you have a winner that will keep us coming back when we need that boost of sun and outdoor activities.

We highly recommend this peaceful island in the Canaries, it is well suited for all types of people and whatever the adventure you are looking for. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!