Top 5 exotic kitesurfing holiday destinations for 2018

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Top 5 exotic kitesurfing holiday destinations for 2018

Looking for that far away, undiscovered, exotic kitesurf holiday destination? Here at Planet Kitesurf Holidays we have found some destinations that offer the perfect level of comfort with an exotic, uncrowded atmosphere.


Cumbuco, Brazil

Cumbuco is a stunning coastal town in Brazil with huge sand dunes on the one side and a flat sea that spreads out on the other. The warm air radiates off the dunes and helps the wind to build up throughout the day. The beach here is long, flat and wide making it super easy for launching.


It never seems too crowded thanks to the vast kitesurfing area. Look forward to some small chop and swell at low tide and medium chop with a powerful beach break at high tide. The water is buttery flat right in the middle with waves found at an invisible sandbar that is just a few hundred metres offshore. 


One of the best parts of visiting this incredible area is the stunning 5-star resort found along this coast. Enjoy the amazing facilities and 5-star service at the Carmel Cumbuco Resort. This hotel is located at the south end of the village which, in our opinion, is the best location in Cumbuco. The resort offers 88 luxurious suites, all with a balcony and an incredible view of the ocean.

Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an exotic country filled with fascinating culture and endless adventures and, of course, some amazing kitesurfing. The kitesurfing spot in Kalpitiya has amazing wind stats.


That combined with a huge buttery-flat, shallow lagoon, makes for some great kitesurfing. The wind in here blows constantly day and night between May and September from 20 knots to about 30 knots.


Located just in front of the lagoon, amidst the stunning flora and fauna of the Kalpitiya Peninsula, is the Luxury Kappalady Villa. This idyllic villa blends the grandeur of a luxury holiday with that of the local landscape. The accommodation creates a relaxed atmosphere and allows guests a safe sea-swimming and kitesurfing opportunity.

Maldives, Indian Ocean

Travel to the Maldives between May and October to find perfect wind conditions that will make for a great kitesurfing holiday. The lagoons around the islands over some incredible flat water that makes for perfect conditions for beginners and those looking to improve their kitesurfing skills.


The hotels we work with offer lagoons that are perfectly protected by the surrounding reef and the warm waters mean no wetsuit is needed!


Stay at the incomparable Cocoon Resort to make the most out of your kitesurfing holiday to the Maldives. The resort offers stunning natural beauty that is set against the backdrop of the beautifully azure Indian Ocean. The interiors are beautifully designed and offer a relaxing and luxurious environment.  The Cocoon Kitesurf Centre is a fully equipped water sports centre that offers courses and rentals that are suitable for beginners, intermediate and experts alike.

Southern Mozambique

On the southeastern side of the African continent is where you can find the exotic and tropical paradise of Mozambique. Here in the southern part of the country you can expect flat, waist deep water, some great wave spots and consistent winds in the spring-summer months.


Whether you’re a total beginner or wanting to push your kiteboarding skills to the next level, you will love the remote, uncrowded waters of Southern Mozambique.


Nestled along a stunning undiscovered stretch of islands is the Azura Benguerra hotel. The hotel offers 20 villas with all the creature comforts you could wish for including sparkling private pools, a private Mozambican butler, amazing cuisine including fish and seafood fresh from the ocean as well as a fantastic range of activities and experiences, all at a community-based project where the local islanders benefit as much as you.

Paracas, Peru

Paracas, perfectly located on Peru’s west coast, offers some of the best wind especially between September and March when the wind is 99% reliable. Even in the lowest winter months of May to July, there are still around 60% kiteable days along with warm winter weather. The main kitesurfing spot in Paracas is Santo Domingo Bay where you will find great safe learning conditions. 


The bay is U-shaped combined with the cross-shore winds means that no matter what happens you will end up back at the beach making it an ideal learn to kitesurf spot. The flat water in the bay is perfect for freestyle and speed. For the more advanced there are a number of great wave spots along the coast in the nature reserve, from small waves up to larger waves that would suit the most experienced wave rider.


The most luxurious beachside resort, the Hotel Paracas, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the surrounding area. Enjoy breathtaking ocean vistas or soothing garden views from the beautifully appointed terraces of the rooms. The hotel offers two outdoor swimming pools, one specifically designated for families. Children will also enjoy the Explorer’s Club, a special program designed for young explorers that’s available daily.

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