Top 5 reasons to visit Mozambique on your next kitesurf holiday

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Top 5 reasons to visit Mozambique on your next kitesurf holiday

Mozambique – with its miles of unspoiled coastline and warm, turquoise waters, is an adventure traveller’s dream destination. This amazing country also offers a perfect location for kitesurfing enthusiasts with fantastic wind conditions and incredible flat-water.


Here are just 5 reasons to visit Mozambique:

1. Kitesurfing in Mozambique 

In southern Mozambique you can expect to find buttery-flat, waist-deep water with some great wave spots and consistent winds. These winds blow mainly in the spring-summer months which makes this a kitesurfer’s paradise. This spot offers remote and uncrowded waters that are perfect for learning to kitesurf or for those wanting to improve their kitesurf skills.


The idyllic islands in the southern part of Mozambique offer quite a few epic kitesurfing spots and the Vilanculos Kitesurf Centre we work with offers daily experiences tailored to the different spots, winds, conditions and individual levels.  


In northern Mozambique, you will find amazing opportunities for kitesurfing in stunning flat-water lagoons that are surrounded by exquisite scenes. Stay at the Diamonds Mequfi Resort and enjoy this remote part of Mozambique. The resort is based in one of the most unspoiled corners of the country and offers its guests unmatched privacy and relaxation but also offers spectacular excursions for the more adventurous traveller.

2. Incredible pristine waters for diving

World-class snorkelling and diving are a given in Mozambique due to it having the largest protected marine area in Africa. The mangroves, coastal forest and thriving coral reefs make it a fantastic dive location that is teeming with marine life.


Get up close and personal with this marine life aboard a dhow sailboat tour or just grab your goggles and snorkel and find a spot anywhere along the coast. If its the megafauna you are interested in then a diving excursion to some of Mozambique’s best spots may result in sightings of whale sharks, giant manta rays, and hammerhead sharks.

3. Fascinating African culture

This incredible country has a long history of war but since the end of the war the country has been striving to get back on its feet.


For a glimpse into this culture travel to Ilha de Mozambique and Ibo Island which have long and fascinating histories and visitors can learn about the intriguing past of this coastline. You can also visit the main capital of Maputo and immerse yourself the marrabenta music and Afro-Latino vibe. 

4. Delicious fresh seafood

Look forward to incredible fresh seafood in Mozambique. Fishing is a main trade for the locals here so finding a huge array of fresh fish on a daily basis is common.


The Portuguese and Malay influence combined with fresh seafood have made some of the tastiest seafood dishes in the world. Even the most basic dishes are vibrant and flavorful.

5. Stunning secluded beaches

Ever wanted to be completely alone on a secluded beach? Here in Mozambique you will find miles of stunning and secluded beaches with not a soul in sight. Unwind and relax on any one of these idyllic African beaches and enjoy the warm turquoise waters.


This incredible country is waiting for you in 2018. Contact us to help plan your kitesurfing holiday to Mozambique!