5 reasons to book a kitesurf holiday to the Maldives

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5 reasons to book a kitesurf holiday to the Maldives

You might know the Maldives for its beautiful turquoise waters and picture-perfect sandy beaches. It’s for a good reason that this is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. But it’s also becoming very popular with another, altogether different group, of holidaymakers – kitesurfers.

That’s right, around the tranquil waters of this paradise island chain, kites are dotting the skies and riders are increasingly talking about the Maldives in hushed tones. But just what is it that makes it so special?

Wind and water conditions in the Maldives

Between May and October, regular southwesterly winds create good conditions for kitesurfing. These winds average between 15 and 22 knots, so it’s not so powerful as to be intimidating for beginners but there is enough there to keep even experienced riders more than happy.


Learning to kitesurf

It’s these low to medium winds that make it so ideal for beginners. In some of the world’s other top kiting destinations, it can be so blustery that it can be scary for beginners to launch a kite, let alone take to the water. The Maldives provide good steady winds (at the right time of year) and flat water in a choice of lagoons protected by reef systems.

Hand-picked Maldives resorts

Here at Planet Kitesurf, we’ve been excited about the Maldives for years. And through extensive visits and experience, we’ve been able to handpick some of the finest luxury kitesurfing resorts you’ll find anywhere in the world. Not only do these give you great access to wind and water, but they also offer plenty for non-kiting family members and kids. All of which makes the Maldives a fantastic, flexible kitesurfing travel destination.


The islands

Of course, good conditions are the primary concern for any serious kitesurf holiday. But there’s something about kiting in the warm turquoise waters of the Maldives that makes it a little bit more pleasant than some of the world’s windier destinations. Kiting along a flat water lagoon, you’ll be riding past perfect white sandy beaches, lined with palm trees and luxury resorts, with almost constant sunshine beating down. It really doesn’t get much better.

Other activities in the Maldives

As well as kiting, the Maldives are also well known for offering a number of other activities the entire family can enjoy. When you’re not attached to your kite, you can dive, snorkel, windsurf, SUP or kayak. Fly high above the beaches while parasailing, or ground yourself with an intensive week of yoga – a perfect companion activity to boost kitesurfing agility.


There might be winder kitesurfing destinations on the planet. There might be flatter water. There might even be better beaches (although we’re really not sure where they could be). But in terms of the complete luxury kitesurfing package, the Maldives is hard to beat. Whether you’re travelling as a single, couple or family, both on and off the water, the Maldives grabs the imagination like few other kiting destinations in the world.