The best places to kitesurf in South America and the Caribbean

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The best places to kitesurf in South America and the Caribbean

Kitesurfing is a sport that invokes passion like few others. So, it’s fitting that it’s an established and growing force in South America and the Caribbean, two of the most passionate places on the planet. But if you’ve got the kitesurfing bug, where are the best places to go in this vast, varied and beautiful part of the world?

We’ve scoured the length and breadth of South America and its neighbouring Caribbean islands, and we think the following is a pretty definitive guide to the spots with the best wind, water and accommodation options:

Kitesurfing Gostoso

From September through to March, Brazil’s Gostoso is one of the most reliable wind destinations on the planet. It’s famed for its friendly and lively atmosphere, and accommodation is usually in one of a choice of charming small beachfront hotels. Located in the Rio Grande do Norte region, it’s just an hour to the international airport, making it one of Brazil’s most accessible kitesurfing destinations.


Kitesurfing Pacasmayo

Located on Peru’s Pacific coast, Pacasmayo is a legendary wave spot and also regarded as one of the best value kiting destinations in South America. It offers what might be the longest kiteable wave on the planet, which rolls for almost a kilometre. The wave doesn’t carry too much water so it’s not too strong to ride – we reckon your legs will give up before the wave does.

Kitesurfing Cabarete

With weekly direct flights from the UK to the Dominican Republic, almost year-round wind, a distinct Latin culture and lively nightlife, there’s a lot to love in Cabarete. Choosebetween flat water, wave riding and big downwinders in warm tropical waters, all just off the white sandy beaches. It’s accompanied by stunning natural beauty, with waterfalls and mountains to visit, and the scent of some of the world’s best coffee in the air.


Kitesurfing Bonaire

Bonaire offers an affordable option in the Caribbean, without the tourist-centric atmosphere of many of the other islands. Authentic boutique hotels and seaside cabanas are the name of the game here and there is fantastic diving to enjoy when you’re not out kitesurfing. However with flat water and reliable wind, you will struggle to tear yourself away from the kiting.

Kitesurfing Jericoacoara

Home to the largest kitesurfing school in the world, Jericoacoara is perhaps South America’s best-known kiting destination. Jump in a buggy and just a few minutes from the town at Prea there’s a vast expanse of beach with side shore winds. In such a busy destination, making life off the water pretty fun too.


Kitesurfing Paracas

Another Peruvian resort and a real hidden gem, Paracas is one of the most unspoiled kiting destinations on the whole continent. There’s a huge flat-water lagoon surrounded by a pristine wildlife sanctuary. With wind reliability for 80% of the year, book your trip now before the secret gets out.

Kitesurfing Santa Lucia

Cuba’s Santa Lucia boasts flat water as far as the eye can see, which makes it easily one of the best kiting destinations in the Caribbean. This unspoiled, palm-lined sandy beach is surrounded by all the Cuban culture that you would expect, including iconic cigar bars. And with 21km of white beach lined by a stunning coral reef 2km offshore, you’ll have plenty of water to yourself.