Understanding Mauritius’ kitesurfing and foiling spots

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Understanding Mauritius’ kitesurfing and foiling spots

Located in the Indian Ocean, a 12-hour flight from the UK, Mauritius is widely recognised as one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world. But what is it about this tropical island that makes it so appealing?

In short, it’s the sheer diversity and reliability of great kitesurfing spots that makes it truly special. So, it’s worth having a closer look at some of the most impressive to understand why kitesurfers from around the world are drawn here year after year.

Le Morne


Perhaps the most famous kitesurfing spot on the island, Le Morne is home to a large flat water lagoon that ends at the reef where you will find the legendary One Eye and Manawa waves. Popular with kitesurfers of all levels, Le Morne offers a great shallow area for beginners, an intermediate zone with small waves and then the big break at One Eye for advanced wave riders. There are two centres here, one directly on the beach where the beginners launch and another based at the luxurious St Regis Resort – perfect for families and couples travelling together. This second centre also offers a unique prestige service where you will have your own boat to take you out to a non-crowded spot with a private instructor where you can advance your skills quickly.

Pointe dEsny


A wide flat-water lagoon that is perfect for foiling and an untouched white sand beach make this one of the most beautiful places in the world to kitesurf. It’s set away from the main tourist areas of the island, even though it’s just a 15-minute ride from the airport. The kite spot at Pointe dEsny offers tranquillity; a place where you can enjoy time on the water without hundreds of other kiters getting in your way. A deep lagoon lies just off the sparkling white beach and stretches out to the reef. The wind here is cross-shore, generally South or South-East, although there is a line of small boats anchored close to the shore, so some skills are needed to get out beyond them to open waters. The wind is consistent but lighter than some of the more popular kitesurf spots in Mauritius so big kites are needed, with foiling the real highlight. June to September is the main kiting season but you can find some wind here all year round. Not far from historical village of Mahebourg, the real charm of Pointe dEsny is that you can escape the crowds and big tourist resorts found elsewhere on the islands.

Anse La Raie


Situated in Northern Mauritius, this is an alternative to Le Morne, which can get pretty busy during the high season. The wind conditions at Anse La Raie are exceptional and there are fewer kiters on the water. An outer reef belt creates a vast lagoon reaching out more than two kilometers from the shore. The water is not so shallow but is protected from the waves by the reef, so it is flat and calm. The side/on shore wind also makes this a very safe location for beginners, especially in the shallower parts. More advanced riders can check out the waves on the outer section of reef however there is no safety cover all the way out there so this is at your own risk. In addition, there is a range of other facilities on offer in Northern Mauritius, including shopping and nightlife which adds to the overall holiday experience.

Belle Mare


Located on the windy East coast of the island, Belle Mare offers a quieter spot with consistent winds. The centre here has their own boat from which they run lessons and as the wind blows cross on-shore it a necessity for beginners as they will take you further out in the lagoon, allowing you to kite your way back to shore. The centre is located just a short walk away fron LUX Belle Mare – a fantastic property and one of the best hotels on the island. This is a great choice for anyone travelling with non-kiting family members or partners as there is also a wide variety of other water sports on offer at the hotel such as windsurfing, SUPing, snorkelling and sailing.