Kitesurfing Oman: Masirah Island

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Kitesurfing Oman: Masirah Island

Our CEO just returned from an epic adventure exploring Oman. His trip took him to the untouched destination of Masirah Island and a mindblowing kitesurfing spot that few know about. Here is all you need to know about kitesurfing Oman:


Masirah Island

Located on the East coast of Oman, Masirah Island is home to some 12,000 inhabitants. It is located about 18km from the mainland and is Oman’s largest island. The island boasts a number of spectacular beaches while its barren island is home to some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.


The island exudes a peaceful atmosphere while traditional customs and traditions are kept alive in this remote destination. Here, fishing is the main source of income for residents, with the fish market in the main town of Ras Hilf being an absolute must visit. 


The Kitesurfing at Masirah Island

At Masirah Island you will find a large flat water lagoon that is ideal for beginners and provides an epic playground for intermediates. During the summer months from May/June through until September, the winds blow consistently between 20 and 45 knots and you are bound to get out on the water every day. This reliable wind hits the vast lagoon at a cross-shore angle, creating the perfect kitesurfing conditions.


And don’t let the fact that it is summer in the middle east scare you off! While mainland Oman can reach scorching temperatures of 55°C, the wind keeps Masirah Island had a delightful temperature of between 24 and 38°C. The centre is run by one main instructor with support staff on hand, while a rescue boat is there if needed. Here you can look forward to uncrowded waters and a unique kitesurfing location off the beaten track!


Accommodation at Masirah Island

Masirah Island Resort, which is located some 20 minutes drive from the kite spot by car, is no doubt the best place to stay for your Oman kitesurfing holiday. Surrounded by unspoiled desert and beaches, this small hotel offers large rooms with great views of the surrounding area.


The hotel features a large swimming pool, a fantastic all-day dining restaurant featuring a buffet of international cuisine (a highlight of which is the locally caught fish), and two great bars where you can relax with a cocktail. 


Getting to Masirah Island

A long drive from Muscat, through the desert and mountainous interior of Oman, will see you arrive at the port of Shannah. From here its a 45-minute car ferry ride across the sea to the island. While this long drive may be a bit daunting, the effort of getting to the island is well worth it.


You will also need a rental car when you get to the island in order to reach the kite spot from your hotel every day. With direct flights into Muscat from London and most major European airports, Masirah Island can also easily be combined with a few nights spent in this cultural city or in the spectacular mountains nearby.  


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