The Top 10 ‘Learn to Kitesurf’ Destinations

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The Top 10 ‘Learn to Kitesurf’ Destinations

Starting new things is scary. When we’re young we have to endure our first day at school. Walking into a completely new environment, wearing unfamiliar clothes, not knowing the rules, strange faces all around – it’s intimidating. But after a while, you gradually find your feet with the help of a teacher and realise it’s not so scary after all.

It’s a little bit like this when you first learn to kitesurf. You’re really excited about doing it. But the thought of entering into the water in conditions you don’t yet understand, often with a load of people who already know what they’re doing, is enough to put some people off. But it doesn’t have to. Find the right place to learn, and you can avoid all the scarier aspects of trying something out for the first time.

With this in mind, here’s a list of the very best destination to learn to kitesurf.

#1 Mauritius


Mauritius offers a number of fantastic flat water spots for learning to kitesurf with Le Morne being at the top of our list. The St Regis Mauritius is a luxury hotel located right on the beach and they even offer a VIP kitesurf service with your very own boat to take you to the best spot every day based on the conditions. With this kind of personal attention, you will find that progression comes quickly.

#2 Langebaan


Located in South Africa’s Western Cape region, Langebaan features a large flat water lagoon set within a protected marine environment. The wind blows consistently during the summer months meaning you can get out on the water every day and with the kite spot located just steps from the centre and your hotel, it is one of the best places to learn.

#3 Dakhla


Dakhla offers one of the largest flat water lagoons in the world and with wind for most of the year, this is a fantastic, affordable holiday spot for learning to kitesurf. The hotels are located directly on the lagoon but you have to book early as they fill up fast. There is also a great wave spot on the other side of the peninsula for those who have really mastered the sport.

#4 West Portugal


In West Portugal a brand new sports hotel has just opened. FeelViana is easy to reach from the UK and is a fantastic, authentic offering for couples and families alike. The bay in front of the hotel is protected by a large breakwater and the rescue service here is free for all beachgoers, including kitesurfers, so you can rest assured that you will remain safe at all times and won’t have to fork out more money each time you need assistance.

#5 Bonaire


It’s difficult to feel scared in a place as laid back as the Caribbean. And Bonaire is known for its flat, shallow waters where conditions are perfect for finding your feet. Once you get the hang of it, the flat water also provides the perfect playground for practising cool tricks.

#6 The Algarve


Down in the Algarve, you’re sheltered from the worst of the Atlantic’s wind and waves. Plus there’s a river lagoon where you can make your first forays into the water. A convenient location for UK and European travellers too.

#7 Sri Lanka


A large, flat kitesurfing area makes Kalpitiya a top destination for beginners. There are also some fun waves for when you’ve mastered the basics and are looking to make the next step.

#8 Oman


Masirah Island in Oman is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for something out of the ordinary. This remote island location is home to a vast flat water playground and with hardly anyone else on the water, it is a great spot to learn as you won’t need to worry about getting your lines tangled with other beginners.

#9 Brazil


Gostoso in Brazil is one of those rare destinations that combine an exotic locale with affordable accommodation, amazing culture and of course, fantastic kiting conditions. The wind here is very reliable and you can find a range of conditions, from flat water to waves so it is a great place to progress your skills, no matter your level.

#10 Zanzibar


The white sands and crystal clear waters of beautiful Zanzibar make it a fantastic place for learning to kitesurf. The island is surrounded by a coral reef that creates a fantastic flat water lagoon which is ideal for kitesurfing. A stay here can also be combined with a safari in Tanzania or Kenya, creating the ultimate bush and beach break.

Never let feeling afraid stop you doing what you want to do. It’s all just a matter of finding the right location for you. At any of the above destinations, you won’t have to battle for space with more experienced riders and you won’t be overwhelmed by tough conditions.