Top 5 flat water kitesurf destinations in the world

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Top 5 flat water kitesurf destinations in the world

Lagoons and flat water destinations are the perfect spot to learn to kitesurf, for intermediates to practice and more advanced kitesurfers to learn new tricks. The shallow and flat waters, usually located in wide open spaces, mean there is plenty of space to learn, build technique or to get freestyling.

But where are the best flat water kitesurfing destinations? There are plenty to choose from but we’ve narrowed it down to the following five:

1. Langebaan

Flat, expansive and very safe, the lagoon at Langebaan in South Africa ticks all of the right boxes for kitesurfers. And, at less than an hour from the city of Cape Town, it’s easy to get to. Conditions are not so bad either. With 95% wind reliability, this is one of the world’s most reliable lagoons to kitesurf and well worth a place in any top five.

There are also plenty of other fun things to do in the area when you’re not on the water. Plus Langebaan is also great value for money with an excellent reputation for food and wine with some amazingly affordable accommodation options.


2. Le Morne

Located at the foot of the towering Le Morne Brabant Mountain, Mauritius’ most famous landmark, the beautiful lagoon of Le Morne is everything a kitesurfer could wish for. There are reliable and constant southeast trade winds that blow all day in the long summer months. The lagoon is filled with knee-deep, warm, flat water and makes an ideal spot for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers to build confidence.


2. Bonaire

Of the three ABC islands that make up the Dutch Antilles, Bonaire may not be as renowned as its neighbours, Aruba and Curacao. This amazing flat water destination is just perfect for kitesurfers. There is no accommodation near the kitesurf spot, so you’ll need to make the short 15-minute journey to and from the town. But this also means the water is less busy. And the excellent year-round winds (best from May to July) make it one of the best flat water kitesurfing destinations on the planet.


4. Dakhla

On an isolated peninsula in the middle of the western Saharan coastline of Morocco, you’ll find the lagoon at Dakhla. It’s a full 10km from the sea itself but this blue lagoon is blessed with incredible winds all year round. In fact, even in the lowest wind season of December through to January, the wind is still reliable on two days out of three. The absence of any tide means the water is perfectly flat and shallow enough to make it an ideal spot for learning to kitesurf.


5. Maldives

One of the most beautiful nations on the planet, the Maldives is also blessed with a choice of clear water lagoons nestled in and around the island chain. It remains one of kitesurfing’s best-kept secrets but it won’t be long until the word gets out. Take your pick of unobstructed lagoons facing the prevailing winds and enjoy everything else these paradise islands have to offer.