Madagascar Kitesurf Paradise, Episode 13

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Madagascar Kitesurf Paradise, Episode 13

Well we don’t currently offer Madagascar as a destination but after watching this we’re thinking we should! A short hop from two of our biggest destinations – Mauritius and South Africa – with stunning lagoons, beautiful coral reefs it has a world of kitesurfing possibilities! Add it to your bukcet list!

Let’s watch this video to discover the emerald sea and one of the most windy spot in the world! 20 to 40 knots every day, from April till the end of November.

The island of Babaomby is in the North of Madagascar near Diego Suarez. The lagoon is surrounded by a gigantic coral reef: perfect waves on the reef and freestyle and freeride in the lagoon. Don’t miss the downwind towards the island of Nosy Antaly Be to kite in the famous swimming pool.

Riders Manera
Charlotte CONSORTI

Filmed in MADAGASCAR in partnership with

Thanks to all the team of Babaomby Island Lodge for the help and the good vibes and of course special thanks to the boss Nicolas Martin.

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Airborne Riders/Bustafunk
Power to progress

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