Our Top 5 Winter Kitesurfing Destinations!

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Our Top 5 Winter Kitesurfing Destinations!

If there is one piece of advice we can give anyone thinking about booking their winter kite surf holidays for any school holiday period, it’s BOOK EARLY. The sooner you book the better price you will get and the more options will be available. So whether you’re thinking about a kitesurf holiday over Christmas/New Year or February Half-Term (or any dates in between) give our experts a call on +44(0)1273 921 001 and we can advise you on the best winter destination for you.


1. Northern Brazil (June to January)

There are so many amazing kitesurf locations in Northern Brazil, that we didn’t have space to load them all individually here! From July to December, it is pretty much one of the best Kitesurf locations on the Planet, with all sorts of different spots for different levels of ability and budgets. Planet Kitesurf Holidays has travelled extensively around Brazil and we have the most comprehensive collection of the best kitesurf spots to be found anywhere, with a focus on quality accommodation with the top kitesurf centres.

Top picks for Brazil include Barra Grande (for flat water Kite and Wing), Atins (for stunning scenery, flat water, small waves, and kite lagoon in a national park surrounded by sand dunes!), Itarema (Flat water, also good for families), Taiba (for Luxury and waves) and Cumbuco (for flat water and small waves with short airport transfer)Add title

2. Langebaan, South Africa (November to March)


One of our TOP Winter destinations with 95% wind reliability and a huge flat water lagoon. Amazing value for money, world-class food, wine and service. Easy direct overnight flights from the UK and other European airports, with a small time difference, make even a one-week holiday viable. Massive range of tour add-ons. Planet are South Africa tour specialist with our own office in Cape Town.

3. Cape Town, South Africa (November to March)

Cape Town attracts advanced-level kitesurfers from all over the world during the wind seasons on November to March, but is especially attractive to Europeans due to the crazy exchange rates to the local Rand, making it amazing value for money. if you like getting ‘big air’, or love great waves (especially in a downwinder), there is no better place in the world. For Wing Foiling there is a great flat water lagoon just behind the main kite beach, and for flat water kiting, Langebaan (see above), is just an hour’s drive up the road. 

Planet Travel are South Africa travel specialists, so please ask us about adding on a wide variety of tours either within South Africa or in neighbouring Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nabia or Mozambique

4. Dakhla, Morocco (All year)

5. Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands (December to June)

One of those picture-perfect kitesurf destinations; crystal clear flat water, stunning beaches and luxury hotels. For those with deeper pockets, a must-go kitesurf location in the European winter months.