Things to know before you book a Brazil kitesurf holiday!

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Things to know before you book a Brazil kitesurf holiday!

Brazil, being the world’s fifth-largest country, takes up most of the South American continent and with that has the world’s largest tropical rainforest and about 7,500km of stunning beaches in between. With so much coastline you can bet it is also home to some of the best kitesurfing spots in the world! Here are some things to know when planning your kitesurf holiday to Brazil.


Getting in and around

The most popular international airports for reaching Brazil are Aeroporto Galeão in Rio de Janeiro and Aeroporto Guarulhos in São Paulo, where from either of these airports you can find regular connecting flights to other major cities throughout the country. Brazil also has quite an extensive bus network that will take you to cities large and small.


What about the red tape?

Depending on where you are from you may need a visa. Citizens of the United Kingdom can visit Brazil without a visa and the tourist visas are valid for a maximum 90-day stay in Brazil. Please check the Brazil visa website for more information. 


Bon appetite

Look forward to an amazingly eclectic selection of cuisine in Brazil. It’s not all beans and rice! The food in Brazil is very diverse, look forward to dishes such as Coxinha, a shredded chicken fried in batter, or Moqueca which is a saltwater fish stew with prawns, or even the simply divine Carne de Sol, which is beef meat served with smoked cheese, chorizo and yuca fries. 

Language barriers

Brazil’s official language is Portuguese and many locals do not speak much English at all. English is still under-spoken even by many people that are working in hospitality and major tourist destinations. As with many countries that don’t have many English speaking locals you can still get by with hand gestures, pointing and body language. It may be quite helpful to learn a few key phrases in Portuguese to make the journey a little bit smoother.


Stay healthy

Malaria is a huge concern in Brazil, especially in certain areas of the Amazon and northwest Brazil, so do take precautions when going to these areas. Thankfully on 11 May 2017, the Brazilian Government declared the end of the state of emergency related to the Zika Virus, but it is still extremely important that you visit your health professional at least four to six weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or other preventive measures. 

Best kitesurf spots in Brazil

Thanks to the incredible reliable wind conditions that last for at least nine months of the year in Brazil, you can find some of the best kitesurfing in the world! These are just a few of our favourite spots:



If you are looking for a true South American experience then look no further than Gostoso! The locals are friendly and charming and always happy to see kitesurfers.  There are conditions here to suit any level of kitesurfer, from the shallow flat water to small fun waves. Gostoso has a dedicated kite training zone making it a perfect destination for beginners. For the more advanced kitesurfer, just down the beach there is a great wave spot. The best wind season for Gostoso is between September and March with 90% reliability and a wind speed of between 17 and 30 knots.



One of the more well known kitesurf spots in Brazil, thanks to its great wind conditions along with the very trendy beach resorts and nightlife in the area. The best wind conditions are found between August and December. Close to Jericoacoara is the quiet fishing village of Prea. Prea is fast becoming a very well-known kitesurf spot and is now home to the largest kitesurf school in the world! 



Cumbuco offers great conditions for kitesurfing with big dunes on the one side and a buttery-flat sea on the other side. The warm air that radiates off the dunes builds the wind up during the course of the day. There are miles of flat wide beach to chose a spot to launch from so it never feels very crowded even when the hotels are full.  Between June and December, the north-east of Brazil offers extremely reliable winds that blow at about 20 to 30 knots about 80% of the time!


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