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Cabarete Kitesurfing Holidays

Cabarete Kitesurf Holiday Overview

What makes Cabarete one of the best kitesurfing destinations is the combination of flatwater, great wave sailing, and 'downwinders'. Alongside the endless list of non wind activities. Cabarete is typically Caribbean with long sandy beaches and warm clear seas. Apart from the Dominican Republic being a well known holiday destination, it is also famous for having the second best coffee in the world. Grown in the mountains of the most mountainous island in the Caribbean, which also make for some beautiful excursions, such as mountain biking and cascading the natural waterfalls. The country is very un-spoilt, and you only need to head a mile out of town to be in a completely undeveloped area.

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The Kitesurfing In Cabarete

A kitesurf Holiday in Cabarete is suitable for a learn to kitesurf Holiday as well as for the more experienced Wave Rider.

The Wind In Cabarete

The wind is modest in the morning and gains strength at midday under the influence of the trade wind. The best wind conditions are in January–March and June–September. The offshore reef is about 600 meters off the beach and the flat water stretching inbetween is all that slalom enthusiasts could wish for. From May–October the wind blows mainly sideshore from the right at 4-5 Beaufort. From November–April it mainly blows cross-offshore from the right and is less constant, but instead wave freaks can ride down waves up to 4 meters high. At this time, the conditions are perfect for intermediate wave riders and wave freaks. Upwind of the center there is a shallow water section where beginners and intermediates feel comfortable and the tuition conditions are excellent. Beginners and intermediates can practice close to the shore while more experienced windsurfers can conquer the waves on the reef.

Thanks to the mobile kitesurfing school it is always possible to choose the perfect spot depending upon the wind and wave conditions as well as your individual needs. In this way we can guarantee ultimate fun for kitesurfers of all levels. Surfing is regarded as a great alternative for all kitesurfers, and Cabarete has always been a hot surfing spot. The beginners spot, where the waves break on a sand bank, is only 5 minutes away from the center. The shallow water allows you to easily walk through the waves. 

Activities In Cabarete

Away from the Kitesurfing, many people visit Cabarete for the spectacular diving, especially up towards Las Terrenas which is a 2 hour drive east along the north coast where you will find numerous beaches to explore. Five minutes from Cabarete are cliff jumping spots, you may need to ask a local where to turn off but they’re easy to find. Hire a care and drive 30 minutes east along the coast you will find a stunning beach ‘Playa Grande’ where you can buy fresh lobster, a whole coconut ready to drink, and dine with your table on the beach. When the swells roll in this is also an insanely beautiful surf spot, we can only recommend a sunrise surf here! A little further on from ‘Playa Grande’ is ‘Blue Lagoon’ which is legendary for being bottomless. Scientists have allegedly made all sorts of tests and cannot find a bottom, maybe a little eerie but still stunning, the water is crystal clear so be sure to take your waterproof camera. Of course there is also a swing there. A short walk form Blue Lagoon is another smaller, with a bottom lagoon which has small, clear caves to explore. Apart from the above there are also numerous other excursions available, most of which you may want to use a tour operator. These excursions, include ‘El Limon’ the stunning waterfall, ’27 waterfalls’, Mountain biking, Kayaking, Abseiling ‘The Magic Mushroom’. If you visit Cabarete between January and March you may be lucky to catch the Whale season which is spectacular. The whale watching happens at the Semana Peninsula, however some lucky people have reported seeing the whales from Cabarete bay when Paddle Boarding.

Nightlife In Cabarete

The row of diverse bars along Cabarete beach always offers evening entertainment. Friday night is the most popular night for partying, with most of the drinks offers rolling. The standard of food is superb, especially the seafood. Between the restaurants on the beach and the others in Cabarete, you will find a real diversity of food brought in from people all around the world, German speciality meat dishes, to Venezuelan Arepas, your bound to find something new to try.

Kids In Cabarete

Cabarete is ideal if you have kids, especially in the summer months as there is very little shore-break and kids camps along the beach which introduce your kids to a variety of Watersports, the only one being excluded is Kitesurfing, but do include Windsurfing, Paddle Boarding, Body Boarding, Sailing, Kayaking, and more. So you will never have to worry about the whole family being entertained.

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