Travel tips for your next kitesurf holiday

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Travel tips for your next kitesurf holiday

If you’ve caught the kitesurfing bug and are ready to plan your next kitesurf holiday, then first of all, lucky you. But secondly, although we know it’s exciting, it’s important to do it right. A little bit of extra planning and forethought and you can really maximize your kitesurfing adventure. Here’s what to keep in mind before you book and set off on your next kiting trip.

Kitesurf travel research

Think about what you most want to get from your trip and do a little research. Don’t just take rely on the obvious and visit the most popular spots. Otherwise, you’ll find that there will be plenty of other kiters there too. Do a little bit of digging into the best local spots at your preferred destination and try to find out the inside line. Do you want luxury beachfront accommodation or is a self-catering family villa more your kind of thing? Do you want to stay in one place or is a kiting tour on the cards? With so many options it pays to research each and every option for your kitesurfing holiday. Sometimes the lesser known or out of the way destinations provide the best kitesurf holiday so speak to an expert and get the scoop on what’s out there!


Packing for your kitesurf holiday

Once you’re all booked up, it’s time to start thinking about what to take and how to get there. If you can, bring multiple kites. That’s because no matter what you might have heard about the conditions, you never know what the weather Gods will throw your way when you arrive. For the sake of a little bit of extra money for an extra bag, you can really be prepared. When packing your boards, strip them right down for ease of transport. Roll and re-roll kites and you’ll be surprised how small you can get them. And pack a pump. You’d be amazed how many times everyone rocks up to the beach and no one has brought one. Also don’t forget to bring those all-important and useful little things. Gaffer tape, paracetamol, plasters – all the things you need on the beach but never seem to have with you. A dry sack also comes in really handy, as does an oversized laundry style bag for transporting wetsuits and other loose bits of kit. And if you are taking a lot of kit with you, a trolley always comes in handy. There are some sturdy, lightweight models on the market.


Plan in advance

Along with packing the right gear, be sure to plan ahead if you don’t want to be disappointed. If you need to do lessons, book these before you go or you run the risk that the centre could be fully booked. If you know the area you are going to has light wind mornings (as is the case in many kiting destinations) see if SUP rental is included or if the centre has foiling rental options. Also, check how far the spot is from your chosen accommodation and plan how you will get there each day – can you walk, do you need to rent a car or does the hotel offer a free shuttle? Being prepared will allow you to have more time on the water and a more enjoyable kitesurfing holiday!


Set some kiting goals (and stretch)

Before you travel, or along the way, set yourself some achievable goals for where you want to be by the end of the trip. That way you can focus your time on the water and steer yourself towards improving. Don’t forget that before you hit the water you should always warm up. The last thing you need is a pulled muscle on the first morning, spoiling your trip. You’ll be using plenty of muscles that won’t have had a work out for a while, so make sure everything is warm before you kite. A cool down after your first few sessions is also highly recommended, otherwise you might find yourself a little stiff and sore when you wake up each day.


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