11 tricks for advanced freeriders

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11 tricks for advanced freeriders

Do you consider yourself a skilled kiteboarder and you are ready for some new moves, but not really sure
where to start? Alby Rondina and Laci Kobulsky from our Sicily Kitesurf Centre let us in on their 11 favourite tricks that look and feel really great but are surprisingly easy and achievable.

#1 – Double Backroll


Many people can do a simple backroll, but why not double it down? In the past, multiple spins were all that kiteboarding was, but now we value execution over numbers. Still, a nicely performed and powered double rotation with the kite lower and landing at speed looks and feels sick! Even better if you can add a grab and get compact while in rotation!

PRO Tip: When learning keep your kite higher and keep looking into the rotation with your head.

Difficulty: 3/5

#2 – High Jump Crail to Tail Grab


High jumps with a grab are a must, not only they look better but grabs also helps you to stay compact and balanced in the air. So change things up and add a second grab! Our tip is to make backhand grabs since they are easier to land. Start with the harder crail grab by placing your backhand on the nose and then move that hand to your board’s tail.

PRO Tip: Start with the harder grab first, bend your front leg and straighten your back leg, this will bring the nose of the board close to your hand.

Difficulty: 2/5

#3 – Inverted Frontroll


The frontroll is another standard move that you should have in your quiver, so let’s upgrade it with stylish tail grab and inverted rotation! In order to do that you need to jump a little higher and activate your core muscles – no way around some hard work.

PRO Tip: Look down on the water and activate your core in order to get board over you.

Difficulty: 2/5

#4 – Frontroll Nose grab Transition


Frontroll transitions are not that common so why not surprise your local beach? In fact, they are really not as difficult as they seem, especially when you perform a nose grab that will keep you compact. After this trick you may try it with a kiteloop or hand drag.

PRO Tip: Just keep holding the grab and loop into the rotation with your head.

Difficulty: 2/5

#5 – One Foot Transition


Transition jumps are a fun way to change the direction and a perfect way to capture nice photos. If you can already make the basic transition with a tail grab, try sticking one foot off and move things to another level. The hardest part is the landing, but give it a few tries and you will have it.

PRO Tip: Set your back strap a bit looser, try this trick with a bigger and slower kite first.

Difficulty: 3/5

#6 – Backroll Kiteloop Transition


A backroll transition is one of the easiest moves out there but often lacks ‘spice’. Luckily there is a simple solution – add a kiteloop! First, start easy with a baby heliloop with the landing, but later you can progress to a huge loop in the air. Also looping with transitions is much easier and safer than full speed megaloops.

PRO Tip: Try with moderate wind first and for starters loop with the landing.

Difficulty: 1/5

#7 – James Hand Drag


If you open any of the latest Cabrinha catalogues or watch their product video, you cannot miss James Boulding performing his signature hand drag. A great pose for shots, but also a really simple trick, give it a try next time you are out. You will need a bit stronger wind since this trick is best performed powered on and also activate your core to shoot your legs up.

PRO Tip: Try this trick fairly powered and keep the kite a bit higher.

Difficulty: 2/5

#8 – One Foot Slide


One of the harder but really cool transition tricks is the one foot slide. This is a similar movement to a darkslide, but with one leg dragging in the water. The reward is really a unique and amazing feeling.

PRO Tip: Master the darkslide and one foot jump first, then try this trick with a bigger kite.

Difficulty: 4/5

#9 – Surface pass


If you want to venture into a more advanced unhooked trick, we highly recommend you to start with a surface pass, which is often left out and neglected. This move will prepare you for all the advanced handle passes, but in a simple and easy way. Just unhook, go downwind and pop to toeside and then continue the rotation on the water with passing the bar behind your back.

PRO Tip: Go really downwind while surface passing in order to avoid loose lines.

Difficulty: 3/5

#10 – Unhooked Tantrum


This is one of the biggest ‘WOW’ unhooked tricks out there! But prepare for a workout as this move requires your strength since you need to hold the unhooked kite with one hand while spinning. If you can get over that, the move is fairly simple – just imagine doing a backflip!

PRO Tip: Imagine yourself doing a backflip to the water after takeoff.

Difficulty: 4/5

#11 – Unhooked Kiteloop


One of the most scary-looking unhooked trick is the unhooked kiteloop, which we don’t see that often anymore, but in the past, it was the big deal. The kiteloop part is actually just during your pop and afterwards, the kite springs you forward, so it is really easy to make air passes. Try it first with lighter winds, just good enough for a solid Raley jumps.

PRO Tip: Try with moderate wind first and make a fishpole grab: place your front hand under your back hand on the bar to loop faster.

Difficulty: 2/5