Kitesurfing: travel and safety

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Kitesurfing: travel and safety

The ultimate kitesurfing holiday is something you look forward to for a very long time. However, in order for your kitesurfing holiday to be everything you dreamed of and more, there are some things to bear in mind when it comes to staying safe when travelling! Keep reading for some safety tips and tricks from the team here at Planet Kitesurf Holidays. 


Book at a credible kitesurfing centre

Make sure the kitesurf centre you book your lessons or rental at is a licensed centre with IKO certified instructors that can legally operate in the area you want to kite. A good centre will be able to guide you correctly on the local conditions and kiting zones and ensure you stay safe at all times. Be also sure to ask the centre how their rescue service works as most kiting centres over a cheaper rate if you pay upfront. Very few centres offer free safety cover but the centre we work with in West Portugal at the exquisite FeelViana Sports Hotel is one of a few in the world that does just that! At Planet Kitesurf Holidays, all the centres we work with have been personally visited and checked by our team to ensure that you get the best of the best on your kitesurfing holiday.

If you are a beginner, then take lessons

If you are just learning to kitesurf then be sure to pre-book some lessons at the beginning of your holiday. Beginner’s lessons will help you to learn how to launch and land your kite, how to follow the correct safety protocols and how to do a self-rescue should you ever need to. Your instructor will also be able to properly explain the right of way rules on the water and any no-go zones. A few lessons with a good instructor will also help you to progress quickly, really allowing you maximise your time on holiday. There is nothing worse than floundering around by yourself for a few days only to fork out for that valuable advice just before you are due to head back home! If you can afford to splash out, then a VIP service like the St Regis Prestige Service offers in Mauritius, will really see you learning in a heartbeat with one on one coaching and your own boat to ferry you to the perfect spot each day.


Check your equipment

You should already be checking your equipment every time you hit your water, but this rule has never been more important than when you travel. Things can easily get knocked around in transport and so it’s important to check all your releases and lines thoroughly before launching your kite. If you are renting equipment also be sure to double check everything and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are not sure about something. 

Do your homework

Make sure you do your homework about the destination you are visiting and be sure you are competent for the level of kitesurfing required in that destination. For instance, the island of Mauritius offers great conditions for all levels with a flat water lagoon and large waves further out on the reef while somewhere like Moulay in Morocco is better for more advanced wave riders. Choosing the destination for your kiting level will ensure you can really get the most out of your holiday. Also be sure that you understand the kiting areas, wind conditions, tides and currents before you head out each day and select your equipment accordingly. You don’t want to be stuck in a storm or swept out to sea in strong currents just because you didn’t do the correct homework before going kiting.


Book with an accredited tour operator

The perfect kitesurfing holiday can be difficult to plan by yourself as there are a variety of factors to consider. Here at Planet Kitesurf Holidays our teams understand the finer details of each destination we work with and can give that personalised advise to ensure you get the right holiday for your needs and skill levels. Booking with a company like us also means that you are covered by our ATOL and TTA agreements. So you can rest assured that you are 100% financially protected and will not get stranded abroad or lose money if there are any problems on your trip. We can also assist you with finding the right travel insurance for a kitesurfing holiday as this is considered an extreme sport!