The best luxury kitesurfing destinations

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The best luxury kitesurfing destinations

Luxury kitesurfing holiday destinations are special places that combine superb conditions out on the water with enticing accommodation and top quality service on land. Here at Planet Kitesurf, we’ve scoured the globe to bring you a selection of the finest kitesurf destinations that tick the above boxes.

From African islands to the Caribbean, the Atlantic coast or in Europe, luxury kiting destinations are not easy to find. Which is what makes them so special. Here’s a closer look at five of our most spectacular kitesurfing resorts, and a little insight into why they stand out.

Le Morne, Mauritius

Thanks to reliable southeast trade winds, Mauritius has more than 300 windy days a year. This, combined with large flat-water lagoons, makes for kitesurfing conditions that are truly world class. It’s this, along with superior accommodation such as The St Regis Mauritius, that makes it really stand out from the crowd. Located just off the kiting beach in Le Morne, luxury kitesurfing doesn’t get much better than this.



Another tropical island paradise, the Maldives may be better known for its spectacular diving but there’s plenty of fun to be had on the water too. There are a couple of lagoons around the islands facing the prevailing wind, backed up by excellent kitesurfing schools. And the presence of more than 160 luxury resorts, including our hand-picked favourites like Cocoon Maldives, means stunning kitesurfing experiences for both couples and families.


Algarve, Portugal

As one of the warmest and windiest places in Europe, the Algarve is blessed with almost perfect kitesurfing conditions, especially on the flat water spots dotted along the coast. Better still, it’s all within a few hours flight from the UK. The Martinhal Hotel, near Sagres, is located on the most westerly part of mainland Europe, surrounded by a stunning national park and offering stylish and modern luxury accommodation.


Limnos, Greece

With its unspoilt beaches and traditional whitewashed villages, Limnos is everything you expect Greece to be. Again, it’s just a few hours flight from the UK and you can be sipping wine in a taverna by night while hitting the excellent kitesurfing conditions of Keros Bay during the day. Spared the worst excesses of mass tourism, Limnos offers an amazing luxury resort at Keros Blue where you can enjoy a tranquil yet exciting kitesurfing break.


Bonaire, Dutch Antilles

One of three islands making up the Dutch Antilles, Bonaire’s Lac Bay on the western side of the island is blessed with ideal watersports conditions. There are no resorts located on the beach here but that means the water is free from the crowds you might find at other spots. And with easy transport options from a choice of resorts, you can make the most of this unspoiled kiting spot while enjoying being pampered in the evenings.


A visit to any of the above will be an unforgettable holiday and an exceptional kitesurfing experience. Whatever your needs or ability level, you can kite in style at these destinations.