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The best Kitesurf holidays!The best Kitesurf holidays!The best Kitesurf holidays!The best Kitesurf holidays!


Langebaan is an idyllic little seaside town on the South African West Coast. It is located at the edge of the tranquil Langebaan lagoon, 100 km north of Cape Town. Founded in 1922, this historical town was once a whaling station and it has now been transformed into a holiday destination on the West Coast. It is a mecca for nature-lovers and water sports enthusiasts. The lagoon is part of a protected area, the West Coast National Park. A world-renowned birding spot with migratory birds from as far as Russia stopping here annually, the Park is also a favorite destination with nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.The jewel of the West Coast towns, Langebaan, will leave you with memories of astartling blue sea, acres of spring flowers and the enticing smell of fish ‘braai’s’ (barbecues). Sunsets on the west-facing coast are legendary and you’ll experience plenty of enchanting moments. We are sure you will return again and again to this tranquil, magnificently beautiful place.
During the South African summer month from November to April Langebaan is on the most wind sure location on the Planet. The climate at this time of year is perfect with temprestures in the high 20's. The lagoon offer a huge flat water area, with many shallow sections, making this an ideal beginner or improver windsurf or kitesurf destinations. Most of the Lagoon is surrounded by a nature reserve making for stunning views from the water back across the surrouding. 
Other compelling reasons to consider a kitesurf or windsurf holiday to Langebaan the amazing and very cheap eating out, the world class service (and always with a genuine smile), the huge range of 'off-water activities and increadible value for money  we enjoy with the relativley strong pound.

It is best to have a car in Langabaan so as part of your holiday quote we would normally include this. There are also lots of add-on options for a holiday to Langabaan to include extra nights in Cape Town, wildlife safaris or even combine your stay in South Africa with a visit to Mauritius ! Please call and speak to an expert advisor so we can put together the right trip for you budget, duration and specific requirements.


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Expert opinion (Posted by MARCUS)

Langebaan Lagoon is immense, I would classify this as one of the top windsurf and kitesurf flat water spots of the world.  It's a good idea to combine a trip here with at least a few nights in Cape Town or even better extend to the Garden Route. 


The Langebaan lagoon is one of the biggest lagoons in the world, with bright blue waters and a large waist deep section, ideal for learning the basics of all watersports. The wind is very reliable as it is channeled between the hills around, picking up mostly at the end of the morning. Some parts have perfectly flat water, ideal for a sup session in the morning to deserted white beaches. Windsurfers and kitesurfers have the choice between flat, bumpy and wavy waters, all in very close proximity to Windtown. A 3 mm wetsuit or shorty is recommended.


The high season in Langebaan runs from October until the end of April, as this is the summer season. Though in spring (August / September) it’s actually very worthwhile to visit too, since it is the season for flowers and also for whales. The Western Cape has a Mediterranean climate.
The months to catch the best winds arefrom November until the end of March. The Langebaan lagoon has good wind reliability for watersports like kitesurfing and windsurfing.Its strength varies from very rough to just a breeze. It’s recommended to wear a shorty in the lagoon and a full wetsuit in the open ocean.


Das Western Cape hat ein mediterranes Klima. Beste Reise und Windzeit ist von November bis Ende März. Der Wind ist hier nicht mehr so stark wie in Kapstadt, bläst aber immer noch kräftig genug side shore bis sideoff shore.

Der Strand bildet hier genau gegenüber der vorgelagerten, kleinen Insel eine Art Landzuge, die den Strand bis zu 200m breit macht. Der Ort Langebaan deckt den Wind etwas ab, aber spätestens an der Landzunge bläst er wieder konstant.

Die Hochsaison in Langebaan läuft von Oktober bis Ende April, da dies die Sommersaison ist. 


This picturesque, modern town borders onto the scenic West Coast National Park, which may not have the Big Five but does have the Slow Five: tortoises, whales, sand sharks, porcupines and dune moles. Eland, wildebeest, hartebeest, bontebok, springbok, kudu and mountain zebra can also be seen mostly in the Postberg section of the park. During spring, Langebaan shows off its rainbow colored spring flower carpets, often with wildlife grazing amongst them. Game viewing in the West Coast National Park onbicycle is a popular activity too. The oldest known footprint of a modern human – Eve’s Footprint – was also discovered in the park on the banks of the Langebaan Lagoon in 1995. The fossil footprint is dated at about 117 000 years old.
Called the ‘jewel of the West Coast’, Langebaan is an easy hour’s drive from Cape Town and the bustling town has attractions for the whole family. The natural attractions lure outdoor lovers in droves, while unique beach restaurants, abundant seafood andshopping for curios, crafts or clothing entice others. Adults can also be entertained at the casino at Club Mykonos, while there is lots on offer for children. There is golf at the Country Club andhorse riding on the beach also on offer.
Close to the town, at Langebaanweg, is theWest Coast Fossil Park – the only fossil park in South Africa. It’s home to the ancient Big Five that once roamed this area. The remains of Africa’s only bear have also been discovered here, along with the fossils of 200 other species. Visitors can enjoy an informative tour of a fossil dig and hunt for their own fossils, and there is biking, hiking and horse riding through the park.
Relaxed or adrenaline fueled, all extremes of entertainment and activity– or not - are easily found in Langebaan, where nature lives in harmony with modern life.

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