Why you should go on a guided kitesurfing trip

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Why you should go on a guided kitesurfing trip

If you’re planning your next kitesurfing trip there are a few routes you can go down. You can do a bit of research, book flights and head out on your own to explore popular kitesurfing destinations. You might have read about or been recommended a top site to check out and going on your own leaves you free to explore. It might be a great trip filled with amazing discoveries or you might end up trawling round various crowded spots where conditions are all wrong.

That’s why another type of kitesurfing trip comes highly recommended – the guided kitesurfing trip. There are many good reasons to go on a guided kitesurfing holiday. Let’s look a little more closely at a few of them.

Improve faster

The ultimate aim for any kitesurfer is to get better. Even the best in the world are always trying to improve technique, evolve new tricks and refine their skills. After all, improving is essentially the main aim behind any sport. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that most kiters want to get better quickly, avoiding the plateau effect that can happen when learning any new skill. And one of the best ways to do that is to go on a guided kitesurfing trip.

You get personal instruction from a professional, who will help you to fix issues in your technique, pick perfect conditions for your ability, and provide real-time coaching both in and out of the water.

No hassle

Hiring a car that’s big enough to take you and all your kit. Trying to find top-secret kiting spots using your phone as a makeshift satnav and getting lost. Finding the spot but it is teeming with locals who don’t take kindly to your arrival. These are all issues that you have to contend with when going alone. Go with a guide, however, and you don’t have to worry about any of it. Transport, directions, conditions, permission – it’s all sorted for you by people in the know. All you have to do is kick back, relax and kitesurf.

Choice locations

If you don’t know an area, it can be very difficult to second guess the wind and water conditions at a choice of unfamiliar kiting spots. With local guided knowledge on your side you can hit the right spot for your ability levels. This will help to build confidence, prevent disappointment and, more importantly, keep you safe.

Here at Planet Kitesurf, we offer a huge choice of guided kitesurfing trips around the world. Check out our selection of Brazil safaris, clinics, guided trips, kitecruises and progressive foiling adventures.

Brazil Downwinders


Brazil is one of the most exciting kiting destinations on the planet but it’s also huge, a little intimidating and requires plenty of inside knowledge. That’s why it’s the perfect country to make the most of a guided tour. There’s a classic Brazil downwinder, a downwind delta experience and wave downwinder (amongst a choice of others). Each is suitable for different levels of riders, meaning you can choose guided trips that suit your ability and give you the best chance of improving. Kite the wild and unexplored coastline of Brazil and enjoy an adventure of epic proportions!

Kiteboarding Cruises



Hop on a kitecruise in Greecekitesurf the islands of the Grenadines, explore Egypt by boat, kite the Croatian coastline or take your family and friends on a private sailing boat in Ibiza. The options are endless. A kitecruise can be one of the best holidays you will ever have. SUP, kite and snorkel in some of the world’s most picturesque destinations while discovering hidden coastal cities, seeing amazing cultural sites and enjoying some downtime on a luxurious yacht. 

Foiling Clinics


Dreaming of taking your kitesurfing skills to the next level? Join one of our foiling clinics with Progression in Egypt, Portugal or Dakhla and improve your technique while gaining expert tuition from true experts! These clinics are all about quality coaching, both pre, during and post kiting and by the end of the week’s foiling clinic you will be kiting like a pro.

Kite and Yoga


Yoga is the perfect compliment to kitesurfing, helping to improve your breathing while staying calm and stretching out those aching muscles. Join our surf, kite and yoga clinic with expert Kirsty Jones in Morocco or head to Brazil for a seven-day clinic with yoga and kitesurfing on the agenda every day! Does it get any better than that?