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Why You'll Love Kitesurfing In Pacasmayo!

  • One the best wave spots on the planet
  • Great value for money destination
  • Planet have invested considerable time to offer you the best accommodation and can tailor-make tours to see everything this amazing country has to offer

Pacasmayo Kitesurf Holidays

Pacasmayo in Northern Peru is home to the longest kiteable wave in the world, and in our opinion, is the best kitesurf wave spot on the planet!! You can find bigger waves in places like Maui and Mauritius, but in terms of reliability and perfect set up it really does not get much better. Imagine set after set after set rolling and peeling for almost 1km. Normally the first thing to give out are your legs, not the wave. You can probably do more bottom turns on a weeks holiday to kitesurf Pacasmayo than you have done in your life! The waves here are perfectly formed but do not carry much power so super easy. This is a great location for confident independent kitesurfers who want to start the wave riding on a surf board / directional board. The only problem is once you have been here nothing else is as good!

Pacasmayo involves 3 flights from Europe plus a 2 hour transfer so it best to plan for a minimum of 10 days, although with some good connections a week is possible. There a nice local town, just a short walk from our accommodation, with some really good local restaurants and cafes, and very cheap. There are ATM, Pharmacy and all the basics there that you may need. Planet Kitesurf and the UK specialist in Peru Kitesurfing Holidays. This can be a complex country to plan a kitesurf holiday without good first hand knowledge. Peru is a curious mixture of stunning and amazing culture, historic towns and beaches mixed with rubbish strewn, often very poor, dusty areas.

Planet Kitesurf have invested considerable time in making sure we offer the best hotels, tours and kitesurf facilities in Peru. We strongly recommend adding on at least some of the cultural tours to your Pacasmayo Kitesurf Holiday, especially a 2-3 day tour of around Cuzco / Machu Picchu. Please call and speak with a specialist Peru kitesurf specialist to see how we may put together a tailor made tour itinerary to fit your dates, budget and kitesurf preference.

The Kitesurfing In Pacasmayo

It is possible to Kitesurf in Pacasmayo all year but the best chances of great conditions are from March through to December when the winds are the strongest. 

The wind tends to kick in around mid-morning building until an average of 18/20 knots by lunch time then blowing until sun down. Early morning is a perfect time for a surf or SUP session; the glassy long waves at this time inspire huge confidence for even the most inexperienced.

Kitesurfers can launch from directly in from of our Pacasmayo Kitesurf Hotel, although the cross off shore wind makes for a challenging initial start. Otherwise, for a small fee, a motor taxi will take you the 10 mins ride out to the point by the Lighthouse so you can start straight into the best waves.

There is a jet ski safety cover if needed but due to the very large bay and catchment area the waves will always bring you into land eventually so it is quite safe given a good level of kiter. There is a great team on hand to help you launch and land plus a kite repair centre if needed.

The minimum level required for kitesurfing in Pacasmayo is confident independent rider with at least some experience in waves.

Trips And Tours From Pacasmayo

There is a huge amount to see and do in Peru Including TRISP to the Amazon, a visit to Machu Pichu, wildlife tours and much more. Plamnet Travel specialis in tailor made tours and we strongly suggest considering adding some of what Peru has to offer to your Pacasmayo Kitesurf holdiays. So It Is Possible to combine with Peru Other regions: such as Brazil or Ecuador.


More locally to Pacasmayo there are so so great day trips:

Dos Cabezas  - Located just 20 minutes drive from El Faro Adventure Resort is the pyramid ruins of Dos Cabezas. It is amazing and Largely un-publicized to tourism.  Best Described from this exert from National Geographic:   "The large copper bowl lay within my grasp, undisturbed for 1,500 years since it had been Placed upside down over the dead man's face Our ​​team had. worked more than a month to reach this point in the excavation of one of the richest and most intriguing tombs ever found in Peru-the tomb of a Moche elite.  The Moche inhabited a series of river valleys along the arid coastal plain of northern Peru from about AD 100 to 800. Through farming and fishing, They supported a dense population and highly stratified society did Constructed irrigation canals, pyramids, palaces, and temples. They had no writing system Although, the Moche left a vivid artistic record of Their Activities in beautiful ceramic vessels, elaborately woven textiles, colorful murals, and wondrous objects of gold, silver, and copper.  Finding undisturbed Moche tombs is rare in on area did has been looted for more than four centuries, yet from 1997 to 1999 our team of US and Peruvian Researchers discovered three extraordinary tombs at Dos Cabezas, an ancient settlement in the Lower Valley Jequetepeque. Outside each burial chamber was a miniature tomb Containing a small copper statue meant to represent the tomb's occupant principal. So Each tomb contained a remarkably tall adult male who would havebeen a giant among his peers. Gently lifting the CopperBowl, I expected to see a skeletonized face. But instead, looking up at me with inlaid eyes, which. Of exquisite gold-and-copper funerary mask. We were all astonished and knew then how important thesis tombs Could be to unraveling the mystery of the Moche "

Chan Chan -  Located 100km south of Pacasmayo is the wellknown ruins of Chan Chan.  In terms of its shape and design, the archaeological site silent express train truthfully the essence of the monumental urban landscape of the former Chimú capital. So, the hierarchical arrangements reflecting the high political, social, technological, ideological and economic complexity Attained by Chimú society between the ninth and fifteenth centuries are quietly CLEARLY to be discerned. The original earthen architecture with its religious feature and decorations, Although subject to decay, is undergoing conservation interventions using earthen material and still truthfully Represents the construction methods and the spirit of the Chimu people.

El Brujo  - The town is quite charming. Entry begins with a spectacular sign Streets of brick lined with nicely groomed trees, brush, and flowers, Their colors spanning the Entire rainbow.  El Brujo Archeology Complex has been open to the public since May 2006 Making the ruins one of the newest additions to the many other sites located in the area. The site features a multistory ancient monument built by the Moche civilization, a culture predating the Inca. Lining the walls are colorful murals depicting the lives of its very own builders inside multiple chambers, some of Which have yet to be discovered ... Dating back as far as AD 1-600, El Brujo built by the Moche civilization, a culture predating the more WellKnown Inca culture, Which has been featured in National Geographic in 2004 and 2006.. El Brujo Not Only  Take a tour thru the ruins and walk thru the multilevel city build by the Moche, Conclude your tour with an experience the museum of ancient artifact discovered on site. Enter a museum built to house the very artifacts for on site.

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